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  1. penguins and tears of guthix are great for low lvls,I got to lvl 60 with those 2 only but if you want to play dung,youll have to do it solo to lvl 70 or so,when you get to abd2 you can get in some teams,depending on your combat all right thank you,
  2. Any tips for dung? im soloing but it goes so slow, and when i try find group no one wants party with a lvl 8dger.
  3. Ok, i see, it stops you camping at bandits or torts.
  4. is slayer fun? i've been told its the most fun way to lvl combat and get some money but im lvl 36 and it just seems the same as killing anything else, when does it start to get fun? thanks, brag
  5. im unsure as how to work this out so i thought I'd ask. If i was to do slayer from 36-65 and only used atk, how much exp would i roughly get? i know it depends on tasks, but im only looking for an approximation. thank you.
  6. dung, new prayers, new pots, new boss nex, wildy pk back, free trade.
  7. i lvled my crafting by making bowstrings :P slow but makes a nice little cash pile i fletched well over 25k and if you get the GE right like me i was almost 3x my profit :) mining is simple Cannon balls if you want to make gold but go slow or make BS then use the profit from that to speed through smithing :D mage is just high alching unless you go kill some mobs like drags but it aint good so stick with alching.
  8. really? i thought Bandos boots had better stats? also if i buy Bandos Chest and Legs do i need torags legs and chest for more def or just chest? also which helm do i buy?
  9. just wondering which i should buy, Dplate or Bandos Chest as Dplate has better def bonus but bandos has better strength and prayer. also which helm should i get? i know the one from freminick isles is good but is there one i can buy?
  10. whats the difference between merching and flipping and how do you do them?
  11. how much is 99cooking now with everything so cheap?
  12. whats the best herb dropper on the game? i want to make 2m quick as bgs is low atm im at chaos druids atm but i wondered if their is any better droppers or any which are closer to a bank or is there any or mob that has good drops that gives good exp i was at ankou are they better than druids?
  13. im 67 mining and i was going to get 77 then mine in the lrc till 99 i heard you make around 45m. but im also tempted to do hunter as im told its the best money making skill, which do you guys think is best? and which is faster to lvl?
  14. In short yes you do get str exp, assuming you use the correct class, i've gone from 95-99 str in dung lols. I do not know the exact figures howeever. ok, any tips on getting 85 dung? like any CCs that help noob dungers?
  15. do you get str exp when you do dungs? if so from 1-85 dung what lvl str will i get? im lvl 65str
  16. sit at PC for hours and bingo :) don't know exactly how long i usually get 500points, get bored and spend it on xp :(
  17. with my stats (when i hit 70str and 73mining) will i be able to lvl using living rock protectors? as they apprently give ok combat exp but good cash per hour if you mine the body. also i will be using super atk, str and def pots.
  18. I'd say 1-2weeks depends on how long you play. took my mate 4days (*cough* no lifer). but if you want to lvl range its a good way to make cash but like someone else said if your doing it for money you can do better but if your lvling range its a great place to be.
  19. no problem :) btw bear in mind you need 40 attack to wield the staff
  20. actually my bad i was looking on youtube and google and apparently you do need range for some reason. found this guide hope it helps in some way:
  21. are you a pure mage or mage/def? also i've seen alot of mage pures with ancient staff so it must be possible, how about checking google?
  22. thanks for that, its a little confusing but what i can gather herblore is a truck load :(
  23. how much would prayer from 43-60 cost? how much would 43-70 prayer cost? how much is 26-86 herb? i heard it was 130m surely this isn't true?
  24. I have to disagree. While you're right in saying that a keylogger records key strokes, a keylogger AND screengrabber (used to record your screen on a click, or other triggers) can just as easily infect a computer and, if you've got a really good model, you might not even notice a dip in performance. The undisputed best thing to ever do if you feel your computer might be compromised is: stop what you're doing, disconnect from the internet, and do a full scan on your computer with a virus scanner/Malwarebytes with up-to-date definitions. Your accounts, your personal information, all of these things are far too precious to risk because you might feel like you can 'outsmart' the bit of malware when you're not even sure of what you're dealing with... oh didnt realize my bad
  25. a good tip is to use the on screen keyboard for your password as i think keyloggers only pick up keys not what you click.
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