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  1. Hey guys, I havent played in about 6 months.. Just got membs for a month (for now). Update seems really cool..one question i got: Is chinning still good/the best range exp? i have a ton left (enough for me to get 99 range probably) in my bank.. but is this still a good method or should i do something else? thanks! :P also curious about 2h vs dual wield as sy said
  2. Some damn nice loot there, when i eventually get WGS done, you oughtta show me the ropes :D Unspam: Got today, hello ganodermic
  3. Thanks :P so to clarify it requires the spores/ flakes needed to create it to recharge? I'm after these.. first 85 def T_T
  4. Is it possible to recharge the ganodermic? or is it like once its 0% it dissapears? Can anyone confirm what happens? sorry for my noobish-ness
  5. YES! been hopin for this for a while.. :thumbsup:
  6. Im subbed to you :D But i love your vids, literally every one. So informative and helpful. Like your easy clue vid--i always thought the men gave more clues. watched ur guide and in like 2 days got.. 10-12 clues. none over 200k but still. highest was 160k keep up the vids man :thumbsup:
  7. Yeah but they aint really a problem, most of the time you can tele using wealth if not I only lose 200k ish. 8 kills in next trip :rolleyes: Dang thats some insane luck! do you camp there a ton? or just get uberrr lucky?
  8. Hey guys i have a question. is the friends chat still used for DGS or is it just the clan chat? and err, are you recruiting? or how can i join the clan
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7-5PzSPjJ8&feature=channel_video_title Hes a friend but dang.... how mad would you be... i mean come on its a free 3b! :mad: Edit: some bad language in vid
  10. Hah ur clip was in no1s perfect top 10 lols. cool :D

  11. if they check invs and ur loaded with brews/sharks/a telly.. how do u anti-lure them?
  12. LOOOOLLL gf lurers. but i got a question... how do u get so many people to lure u? like i dont see many people doing that.. i want a free 600k :P add me if you want. if you ever see me in w99, chances are im in the bank... i dress in such a way that attracts the luring crowd :thumbsup: . I fixed the video. you have to watch in 480p or 240p though. interesttinn.. sure ill add ya :D i loved how that guy in the vid was like "wait u werent supposed to take those, give back" silly lurers..
  13. LOOOOLLL gf lurers. but i got a question... how do u get so many people to lure u? like i dont see many people doing that.. i want a free 600k :P
  14. [hide] When I get time i'll work on a signature centered around P hat's if you would like. Heres what I did in Paint since I'm not at home on my desktop comp. Are you stuck on forming words with items? Or do you just want a signature? if you could do a "999134th" phat word that would be great :D [/hide] Lovin the sig, if u use the cropped blue phats thatd make it better but still good. Um.. around how much have you made off staking? jeez :P
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