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  1. hello its me kenny and i wish to tell u of goals 96/99 cook 50/99 fm and all the rest 99s besides whichever gains u cb lvs
  2. Latest update: I've been slaying pretty hardcore lately. Want to hit 99 by the end of the week. After that I want to finish off thieving/hunter, the two stats that I can't do in safezones...The rest from there is smooth sailing. A side goal before I max is to get 200m hunter all through manical monkeys. This is because I still need 20-30m more gp before I can afford the buyable stats & I want to pass the future rank 1 overall, Night Hound whom is currently at around 500m total xp...So that will definitely give me a nice xp boost and should take me around 300 hours. That sounds like alot, but I think if I try hard enough I can pull it off...
  3. Finally made it back to the top highscores. Been slaying nonstop lately, managed to go from 70-90 melee stats in 5-6 days. Yeah did not expect making it this far. Well, my goal is to max out all 99s and then movee on to fast skils like fletching/cooking so yeah I do plan on that. I know this will take alot of dedication/time but I can do it... I will most likely be the 3rd to all 99s on DMM.
  4. bloggings fun, have my own site but its mostly personal stuff . For those curious I'm close to 98 hhunter with no monkey tails thus far in around 2k catches so I'm giving up on my goal of 10k. That sounds sad/unheroic but seriously i thought id get one by now. So bak to slay! 2 whips last task ! Recent pic of my stats!
  5. Hey guys & welcome to my thread. Here is a pic of my stat of my long journey to all 99s. I have alot of goals but the main one is to max. Short term goals include catching 10k maniacal monkeys & seeing just how many monkey tails I get so I can compare it to chins etc. I'm at 1k so far to no avail. Current amount of 99s: 4/23 Buyables: Prayer & con banked I still need a decent 15-25m for the rest. The monkey tails I get should pay this off. Background info include maxing once before in 2010-early '11. I recall playing hardcore 12 hours a day. One of my best records was getting like 80-99 slayer in a few weeks to a month. I quit rs but returned around a year ago(to the old version) and its refreshing seeing all these new updates on the game like kraken was so strange seeing it the first time for me... If you want you can tune in to my progress & I'll keep you updated. Some post max goals include 200m cook/fletch, but that will be in a few month from now. One thing I'd like to note is I'm playing the DMM version & thus the gains are much faster than I realized.
  6. cant stand non efficient noobs <.< guess they like wasting time
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