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  1. I like the bones one: bones are for burying lol
  2. i play the drums. Learning eminem like toy soliders already now the beat to just lose it :P
  3. can you make me one saying: monkey9909 road to 99 crafting thanx
  4. whats the minimum price on it??
  5. ok i got a pretty good idea for this 1 lol :P got to go for a bit but i started be back on later
  6. i want to get better at making pixel sigs and avvys so im making them for free :) dont have any smaples so the first one i make will be an example. how to order people armor weapon where anything else text avvy same but smaller lol
  7. woot go ted and he comes in my fave colour blue!!!!
  8. go to the bestiary on the rs main page to get a pic
  9. thats a good idea but im pretty new to pixel and need something simple
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