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  1. Dream Theater Dragon Force Killswitch Engage Less Than Jake all great but all underrated!! Neanderslave
  2. well TJ in first place he takes so much time on hi sigs they always come out looking so good and never dissapoints. blazer was amzing when he was making the sigs the 1 shop he had was a great sucess and all his sigs were amazing too. and third i'd say princessa9 she was great but her order list got so long that she couldnt cope but her sigs were all really good and had animation aswell. Neanderslave
  3. Your comment is true but the reason is cause we all play the game so its makes sense to have art and the gaem we play linked! Neanderslave
  4. Thanks all people for joining im staff there are seems white is a good mate i alwaya join his communities although i agree with Nad, Ryan and Merc we do have a great community here but if someone wants to start their own community dedictaed to just 1 aspect then tahst fair enough. Neanderslave
  5. Why thankyou Princessa for sorting out this once for all and using examples very impressed :D Neanderslave
  6. Yea it has been a very long time same cc as the others the fire ball should give off light nice work though! Neanderslave
  7. Well if people want to use the Buddy kit its up to them put we need to get rid of Buddy Shops people cna do it themselves! Neanderslave
  8. Erm that isn't as sig as it isn't a sig size just a big picture! Neanderslave
  9. They are all still here TJ is the least active out of all of them axe posts a lot MisterXman posts new drawings sigs and cc Vlad posted a vector recently. Neanderslave
  10. really nice sig you always come up with great ideas for sigs, they are always original and funny! 10/10 Neanderslave
  11. The basics one is my favourite its just basic, simple not too crowded its just like drawing the outline of something and colouring 1 colour not putting in any detail like a stencil!! Nice work again Neanderslave
  12. The character looks great so far you should put in some kind of NPC in the remaining space its good to see you pixelling again mate, you should just experiment with bg's for a bit i was never good at them either Scarlet's tut is good for bg's aswell. I know you ahve been there seems the char looks like her work but so far its really good keep it up! Neanderslave
  13. I really like its definately your best work yet! Neanderslave
  14. Nice work mate i really like the animation on the bottom text, this is a lot nicer than your other banner and you are definately improving. Neanderslave
  15. very very good it looks great, it's nice to see you posting here again and its even better to see you posting great artwork! Neanderslave
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