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  1. I heard there was GE right before trade limits began for like a week or two. Was anyone around during that time to say if there were limit?
  2. Since you said you were planning on getting 99 herb, you should make as many overloads (and maybe super prayers) as possible. You don't want to be stuck with 10000 restore specials and extreme attacks that you would never use.
  3. I'll post my opinion (it's a short summary list basically) on the positives and negatives of this update as a pre-2007 that never pked: Positives: -No more dealing with manipulation clans, however scammers will exist (both duel arena and trade) -More excitement wondering around in wild -No more junk trades -Runecrafting companies and other resource companies -Free giveaways to friends and no crowded party rooms -Gravestones saving me from losing gear while dcing because the stones will stay -New players in the game Negatives: -Scammers/RWT -Lame and slow way of trading items not sold in the GE through world 2 GE/fally park -Profits from bossing gone way down -Pre-2007s complaining about overloads, dungeoneering gear, summoning, the latest gear -Pre-2007s complaining about movement of many things away from the wild when the update will be introduced, reducing the PKing potential that they want -Pre-2007s complaining about new untradable gear (newest being ring of vigour) being used in the wild that dead players can reclaim for free -Pre-2007s complaining about gear that requires 80 defence to wear that is dropped by Nex -People with name of o0o0o0o0o0 and IlIlIlIlI1 all over the place again -Glitches No opinion until Jagex decides on their plan: -Autoers (still alot before and after 2007) -Price changes of many items due to the update (onyx changes and other floors and ceilings on items) -Movement of quests and events in the wild -Overloads allowed/disallowed in the wild -Revenants being moved -How Jagex will finalize coinshare -And other things I'd like to see the opinion of a PKer, but this is how I feel about the game.
  4. For some reason over all the posts, you all have forgotten the cannon argument. According to Zarfot, Chaotic longsword is better than Chaotic rapier because it makes the cannon more accurate (which I'm guessing is due to the higher stab bonus that CLS has). And here's a link for proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXBiOS5NpeQ So for slayer tasks that you hardly melee like daggs and cave crawlers, CLS would be the better choice.
  5. The only way that could happen is if freedom of speech on the internet disappeared. If there was no freedom, there would be no gaming. If there was no freedom, there would also be no internet. The idea of fansites diappearing pretty means no internet anyway. There's no way of no existence of fansites. It's like saying Myspace and Facebook were not bound to ever happen.
  6. So it IS an ammo slot item. That seals the deal, definitely worth having a few team members with these boxes. Should speed up occults a good deal, because of fire giants, demons, and of course warriors are weak to magic. Might need a couple more tests to be 100% A friend of mine said that he wasn't able to Bind a new Armor/weapon when he had this binded. We'll see what happens I guess when i get a Primal body from Dreadnaut. I REALLY hope it was intended to only be ammo. Just so you know, I tried to bind it as ammo and it worked. But if you unbind a non-ammo slot, like your armour or weapon after you have the surgebox, the surgebox will count as both an ammo and armour/weapons slot. You cannot bind a new weapon/armour slot after you get this surgebox.
  7. From the image itself: Size of map represents volume of daily social activity (posts, chat, etc). Based on data gathered over spring and summer of 2010. I'm actually a bit surprised that Maplestory is nearly as large as Runescape. We are also much larger than Starcraft, yet not as big as Warcraft. Link to image on xkcd Original Image
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