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  1. People whom assume everything they see is for sale are very annoying jerks because they get into some name calling once they are turned down. Their brethren the 'uninvited trader' are just as bad. I am just joking though. Total joke! Don't be offended! This never happens! Seriously.
  2. Shadow of the Colossus! ... in super low rez.
  3. I am currently working on getting level 86 slayer. I would say the cannon is not a waste but almost a mandatory tool.
  4. Full means full, partial means partial. Would it be correct for me to say my combat level 126 minus a bunch of levels. Maybe tell everyone I have a FULL head of hair except for *here and *here. I'll be standing in the corner with my magic secateurs pulling apart this bunched up cloth.
  5. That's why he put "No square" as in "no squareshield". Ever heard of editing? I get my panties in a bunch everytime I read someone saying "FULL" anything when there is stated to be one piece missing. It's bad enough we denizens of the internet make up all sorts of new words, in most cases for the sake of shorthand. What I find disturbing is that we are now adopting political type of speech. Saying something to sell an idea with a complete lie. Other than that, what your post is about is rather interesting.
  6. Hey swamp, does your data include whether you were wearing ROW at the time or not?
  7. Two or three "heals" in a row are common. The amount hit/healed is a totaly different subject imo.
  8. 1 dragon per day for 1,000 days maybe. Otherwise I find that very difficult to believe due to my own experience without wearing a wealth :-P
  9. I had 18 clues last month and 7 clues just this week alone from abyssal demons. There is no game-wide problem with clue drops at this time.
  10. Oh my favorite subject! ! ! ! PERSONAL OPINIONS! ! ! ! Next Monday, maybe Sunday, i get started back on test #2 of my wealth testing. Does anyone here have drop data they could share that could shed any light on how well the ROW works or is this just an opinion thread?
  11. http://forum.tip.it/viewforum.php?f=43
  12. I had five clues in a row with no sara mage showing up in non-wild locations. On the sixth clue there he was and there i was. No anti pot because i assumed he was gone for good. lol
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