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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Not 50% because you still have to do a lot of banking time. presets Yeah, but Cooking each fish 50% faster (which is the information I was giving) will mean that even with presets and perfect banking you will be banking more times per hour because you get through more invents/hr, so the overall xp/hr or items cooked/hr isn't actually 50% higher than regular 3 tick cooking.
  3. I don't think that's silly at all. More security is always good, more security that doesn't require a smartphone would be better, sure, but that's not a reason to complain about a good thing.
  4. Well does 784? Of course not. I'd say etc does but thing's that don't mean anything to most people I wouldn't call "rare" names because no one else wants them.
  5. Presumably because he wants to max 200m all skills doing it properly instead of "by any means necessary"
  6. What's the gp/hr fishing rocktails?
  7. I don't know why his math is wrong but I also don't care about that. I do know why him valuing the 200m Magic exp is wrong, and it's not a matter of it being Hedgehog's opinion. It's because with the Magic exp from slayer tasks that you use combat magic for and many, many little accidental magic exp gains that the efficient player going for 200m all will pick up along the way, you will be 200m Magic anyway, and spend 0 hours devoting single-skill training time to magic, so gaining extra magic exp while you're training mining doesn't help, it's not saving any hours because magic doesn't cost any hours, you'll already be 200m from all the extra magic exp you got from slayer, and just shit like lunar farming and teles. I don't know the math on this either and I don't know how much this has changed since I read someone explaining it properly with the math, but my only real point is that Magic exp is, from a 200m in all skills standpoint, close to worthless, or completely worthless.
  8. Updates are never released at that time. Ever. Daily reset is at midnight GMT. Jagex are on British Summer Time right now, so GMT +1, making the reset 1am UK time, but Jagex are based in the UK and work normal UK office hours, they only release updates during their work day (max 8am-7pm probably, but regular office hours are 9am-5pm, idk when they actually open and close their office) so no, an update will never happen at the daily reset time.
  9. As with all new skills you likely won't be able to use lamps on it for the first few months after release.
  10. To be fair to Jagex, they want to bring out new and interesting ways to train skills, the problem is that if the exp is lower than a pre-existing method, they've just spent a lot lot of time and money developing content that no one will use once they check it out on release day. Sure people might do it long enough to unlock any unique rewards it might have, but even then no one will bother with it unless the rewards somehow help you get more exp elsewhere in the game or make you better in combat, compounding the problem of exp-rate-inflation and adding in some lovely gear-power-inflation for good measure. (People will get rewards just for the sake of comp / trim reqs but new content does not make those players worth any more money to Jagex, as they and all their friends who will play, already play and pay membership, and every update Jagex make has to on some level be about money, they are a company with stockholders) Anyway, my point was that if the exp isn't best-in-game no one will give a shit about their new content, so they make the exp rate best-in-game and cause this constant exp-rate-inflation we've seen over the years. This problem is partly Jagex's fault for lazily upping the exp rates of things to make us play them, rather than trying to appeal in other ways. It's also partly our fault for being so [bleep]ing obsessed with making the [bleep]ing numbers get bigger and being unable to enjoy the game for the simple fun of actually playing it. (Just saying, that's basically how most of us play RS, if we're really honest about it) At the end of the day there's nothing wrong with playing that way, it seems pretty normal in my opinion, especially for an MMORPG, and of course, if you're having fun then no one can say you're playing a game "wrong" but that has to be at least a contributing factor to why Jagex feel that they have to buff exp rates.
  11. No, as far as I understand it, the very idea of "Agilspan" only exists because we've all seen Jagex Jagex-ing things up for too many years, and based on the fact that RC used to be the slowest skill, and then they basically made it as easy as WCing ivy, and the many other updates that have made us all jaded, cynical, hate-filled bastards, we are assuming that they're going to buff Agility at some point too.
  12. The difference is - and this is just my personal guess / what I reckon - that if a game mechanic is functioning normally, and the player uses that mechanic cleverly to gain some advantage, that's allowed. If the game mechanic is somehow broken or faulty, and a player uses that to gain an advantage, that's bug abuse. It's hard to figure out with the potion-drinking-tick-saving mechanic, because clearly the way animations are designed they can cancel other animations, and this allows certain actions to occur faster than normal, and there doesn't seem to be anything "broken" about that, but Jagex probably didn't intend for that to be able to be used to gain faster exp than otherwise. In my opinion this is a case of an unintended feature. Jagex have every right to nerf it, as they didn't intend for the drinking potions to have that effect. However, as the feature was functioning perfectly normally, although with an unintended effect, I don't think they should punish players for using it, as at the time they used it it was just how the game worked, it wasn't an error, it was an unintended consequence of a deliberate feature (the animation for drinking a potion) This issue has been in the game for years (remember shark-brewing??) and if Jagex want to remove it then they should do that, but punishing people for using an aspect of the game that has existed longer than most Jmods have worked at Jagex is not fair.
  13. Defining words used in the RS community by how the majority of the community uses them is like teachers changing how they use words to match how the 7-year-olds they teach use them. Yeah, the majority of people in that school might use the wrong definition, but if the definition makes no sense the people smart enough to know better still shouldn't use it! XP-waste is defined independent of your goals or anything else in the world, XP-waste is about losing out on experience points you could have gained in the same time played by doing something differently. If someone wants to say that "XP-waste" is synonymous with "not perfectly efficient in pursuing a set goal" then that's their choice, but their choice does not make sense. We all XP-waste all the time, and we should all be okay with that. Especially if your goals do not involve efficiently gaining experience, because then your goal actually IS to waste XP. That doesn't mean you can't pursue your goal incredibly efficiently, and that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with pursuing that goal, but if your goal is 200m RC by graahking natures, or even if it was like getting all rewards from Barb Assault, that's days and days and days of XP-waste, regardless of how efficiently you pursue it. Edit: I mean, [bleep], look at my signature, that was a lot of XP-waste, but it was something I wanted to do, and I did it fairly efficiently since the GE makes it piss easy to be efficient in the act of "buying shit" It was XP-waste, but I don't regret it, I wanted to do it, and it being XP-waste had no connection at all to how efficiently I did it.
  14. Elias is very religious you see, so can only spend a few months at a time doing trivial things like playing RS before he has to get... ... back2pray. Anyway, has anyone done time calculations in a while, I'm just wondering how many hours Jake has til 5b? Will he probably be aiming for 5.2b I assume?
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