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  1. Solo 'rush' C6, rage quitting when see a room with Merc Leader. Yay f2p newbie talk! Oh, and I tried to have some faith in the auto-sorting rooms after reading some posts, but the first time, had a teammate grab all items, yet not equipping any wep, and deciding to fisty-cuff mobs (he and the other guy both ended up 'i gtg' in 5 mins). And there was no second time, because I just sat in the sorting room twiddling my thumbs. World 7 win.
  2. Boohoo, Jagex isn't a tiny company like when RS started, it actually does other crap now too and has investors interested in it -.-
  3. deviljet88


    1. In most RPGs, they FORCE people to be pures via class systems... so I generally abide by pures. 2. Most pures have some rich/high-lvl main account to back the PVPing pure, so they're probably not as noob as their pure lvl suggests 3. I'm too lazy to make multiple accounts, so if someone else wants to invest their time in doing so, more power to them :) 4. Complaining about rudeness? It's the INTERNET.
  4. I'm doing Varrock East Bank to Earth Altar over and over atm... without gloves, but the profit is there, and the walk isn't long. Plus I can break the monotony and cut a yew tree on the way back.
  5. Back on RS, and it's back to searching up skill guides, hurrah!
  6. Sounds good.. though I'm possibly biased since I'm an older player who's come out of retirement, to find a new skill called Dungeoneering... I'm going to get flamed so hard when I first try the skill :(
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