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  1. Ooooo.. that's definitely a Death Turtle, all right!! Very nice job - love those teefs!! I like the text just the way it is as it doesn't interfere with the bubbles and the whole aspect of it being mysterious as deathturtles are :P
  2. Turtle's artwork rawks!! I have the pleasure of watching as she does works in progress - never ceases to amaze me with all the graphic work she can do! I can personally vouch that she did NOT do any copyright infringement or whatsoever as I watched her make her orginal one, the newest one and the sig. (can't help not peeking over my shoulder to see her busy working away! :D :D ) She also asks me for feedback every once in a while. :D Wonderful sig! EDIT: silly spelling mistakes .. doh!
  3. Moving this topic to Runescape Discussions - for those that feel the need to comment negatively: don't bother reading, let alone commenting if you feel it's a waste of your time :P ~Brat
  4. Oh no you don't, Messy :P 1,370,000 on Vap!! BAHAHAHAHA!!
  5. Ooo.. I gotta have Vap137!!! Yer mine.. bahhahahhha :twisted: I bid 800k!
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