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  1. castlewars came out BEFORE barrows :wink:
  2. they need SOME people who whine dont they? how do you pronounce( or whatever the word is) runescape? run-escape or runes-cape?
  3. gets a red button with the message: do not press *inserts the pressed red button*
  4. because the sky is blue why is it* spiderman* and not* butterflyman*( points at stupid banner )
  5. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=381141 not fair :evil: anyways: we noticed that there was a MAJOR bug in the system, every single player started at lvl 3 instead of lvl 1! since almost every player abused this we are forced to ban every player who started at lvl 3. happy scaping!
  6. but in the alcemy chamber you get 2 xp for EVERY coin you deposit so if you wa... spend 1k nats there al for the 30 gp items, you get 65k xp+ 60k xp for depositing the coins is 125k xp :wink:
  7. gets a free antiflame shield and a burning vending machine inserts smilie
  8. because the pics arent working why are smilies yellow?
  9. dont flame if this has been posted before, but did anyone noticed that the top is the cheapest one? and the hat the most exspensive, dont flame please :( doesnt make sence if you ask me...
  10. Well it sound cheap but take it that you can get a max 30gp per nat, and its gonna take a hell long time to get 10k gp that way. Like some other guy said, it sound cheap but its actually pretty expensive, but meh do what you want -> 30gp a nat and you need 10000 gp it will be around, uuuhm 333.333(etc) nats? it takes some time but you DO get some good cash then;) also obby cape JUST 8k etc etc.... sellin nats 10 ea :) thats a good one:P
  11. some people even sell there own stuf inside the alcemy chamber: sellin torag helm just 10k!! thats kinda cheap if you ask me
  12. i better put it in bank then(oops) and dont die in graveyard game, you lose 10 points of graveyard:(
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