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  1. Finally :D after +- 500 solo's dry ( ever since counter :c) I hit my first solo hilt and finish the solo set :D and some more luck within that same trip :D
  2. I'm more or less guessing this is something to do with management within jagex? Or perhaps a factor that plays part is how horribly devs are paid to do their job. Shame he's killed his career within the gaming industry forgood =( Dan was always nice and helpful towards me and at least was honest about how he often felt about the direction rs was going
  3. Still doing it. True in America maybe. Can't say the same about socialist Europe lol. Hardly true, if you put in the work to start up your own business and put in the hours, enthusiasm etc it's very possible to become rich. Unless rich by your standards is multimillionaire then you'll need to be very adventurous and perhaps invest your money. Ofcourse not everyone can become rich because plenty of people just don't really have what it takes to manage a business.
  4. Why don't you ask friends to help you out? Rsof says enough tbh :P I've had few good memories pvm'ing with forumers unless it was a mass ^^ The elitist attitude has been there since there were bosses to kill in rs. I always found it best to just find some people you know and like to go to a new boss with so you know that if you mess up they wont kick you or flame you =P
  5. I have found that having vertical window much better for playing runesacpe - camera is far away from character (game windows is still horizontal)- tabs does not overlap game window- you can alt-tab and still see what is going on in game full screen: Dat andytan style "+18 tennis " :D legend, and grats ;)
  6. Unfortunately, slayer is hard to really say as the block lists, style you use, what gear you have access to, and luck that Kuradal doesn't kick you while you're down all come into play. Sticking to most higher exp tasks, I'm netting roughly 130k exp per hour on average, without anything fancy (Chaotic staff, Royal Xbow, Drygores for all meleeable tasks outside of strykes). It's definitely not the most efficient way to slay either, just the way I prefer doing it since I want more melee exp. The new Kalgerion Demons seem to be 130k + slayer per hour, even with how long they take to kill as well. Thanks :P at least 1 person making this thread somewhat valueable, I remember before maging was the fastest pretty much for anything with seismics is this still true or?
  7. How fast is slayer atm, not taking in account to get all 200m's ? Just wondering how long slaying for "120" would take
  8. I've had you added i think from going to sara with you in 2008/2009 methinks =P
  9. I'll add you, not online much usually but I'm only doing slayer ( for aviansie tasks usually ) or gwd
  10. For some reason (or you aren't posting pictures =P ) your pictures don't show up for me
  11. Each skill has become more xp/h during the years. Tripled, doubled, quadrupled.. So the SH update was no surprise to me at all, and neither it really was for you. But I don't understand this SH-hate-Hype. Lol. Agi was shit anyways When you put 0 effort into getting a skill to 200m, it's identical to never training the skill from an effort standpoint. So if 200m agility requires 0 effort, then could only earn 200m in 25 skills. Whether or not you find that acceptable or not is up to you, but I think what I said is factual unless your point of view is somehow distorted. A bit like getting combat xp from doing slayer?
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