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  1. he said so many times that he dont have money for 200m smith. i think if hes not doing artis probs will sell items from smith and rebuy more feathers?
  2. its easy to track just check runetracker history and ask yo blue xp rate: bonus xp rate. not sure but was it 30m xp and 77m bonus~?
  3. It would've been too much time wasted on earning the real life money, you waste no ticks on multilogging if your suomi-efficient, you cant multilog real life & runescape at the sametime being efficient, if you start with 13m xp in all skills you'll have 15000 hours left that will lead you to 100B+ with no time wasted, spend that money on buyables & sof bonus xp/spins, that would've been the most efficient way to do it, Efficiency expert approved this message. and if u won million usd like suomi did?
  4. weird he did 3months ago sc with us like 5m bonus ~ and then he quit since its not worth doing sc for smith and now hes doing again and slower xp/h bonus since hes using slow sc fc
  5. lies-.- last time i remember they banned atleast 20 high lvl players and all of them was false bans -_-
  6. suomi was playing alot , but best skiller zarfot 4ever
  7. not this guy how much that cost $
  8. xDDDDDDDDDDD i like how we talk about relationships on 200m all skills thread
  9. ffs dat suomis post novel xD and i doubt that guy is real king jaxie
  10. Anyone can do what he does - play 15 hours a day. Sleep a 7 hours. But we choose not to. So im not sure what you are trying to say. Unless you mean he plays 20 hours a day and uses some secret stay awake technique like polyphasic sleep patterns... Anyone can sleep 7 & be awake the rest, but not 'anyone' can play all that time without getting bored, burning out etc, it's a lot easier to say you can than to actual succeed in doing it. or most of top players mad about these shit updates lately.
  11. Isnt jdelacroix playing 5-7h a day on average these days + doesnt have silverhawk boots? way much more hes hoarding bonus xp like geel does now.
  12. old player most of his skills done back in osrs like 50m+ rc doing nats etc.
  13. gratz nub pau after so many years with first 5x200m
  14. he used to train cook and sometimes thief& hunt after mining and agil
  15. http://puu.sh/977i original rsn's should be obvious to you, not sure on 21 though Il Vec is Rising Venom i remember this guy:l
  16. 900k avg maybe if u will have ava next to u
  17. fml finlay...................................
  18. there was a thread in hlf i think all ranks before f2p removal update
  19. twarf traders with full inv was 450k/h agil but now its nerfed :l
  20. drumgun lost motivation especialy after these 2promotions. -_-
  21. o u talking about this, bf nerfed since monday. did bf till nerf -_-
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