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  1. Hi Myth, can you email me again please, found the poems and lost your email !!

  2. Hi Myth, can you email me again please, found the poems and lost your email !!

  3. Well, it's been nice catching up with folks. I've kept in touch with Musashi all these years, always will. Caught up with Myth, and yes I will get to finding your poems, I do still have them:) These days I'm a busy chick as they say - manager of two libraries. Back in touch with Purity too - but I was an adult when I played RS, and naturally am even more of an adult now. This morning I get the "your sig had nudity" in it (I'm sure the artist knew that when he painted it) and has been removed. I smiled and shrugged at that, the bits were covered and it's art to me but hey...rules are rules. I find I'm too adult to be so restricted, so I'll say goodbye once again and wish you all well:)
  4. hi Myth, my email is [email protected] Get in touch and I will send you what I have:)

  5. I cannot believe you lot are still having these intense wordy debates after all this time ! :shock: Wait... actually yes I can! You still make me shake my head and laugh, do you realise how much fun you all were and looks like you still are !!! :twisted: Not sure which forums your referring to? Maybe these. And I didnt pk p2p , and if i had weakens on me it was probally from training axes or pirates the few times I trained in wild on p2p. Either way , I never remember trying to get in on your guys group , nor adx's, but if you remember it that way , you remember it that way. Only person i actually ever considered pking with outside of fighting those haiyan chars was unitpoop. Simply because what i missed, he caught and visa versa. Didnt much like the whole group fight crap because I seemed to be every ones target cause of my mouth. And yer I prob did curse out dty , because quite frankly I hated any one having my name in a kill picture. But then again who does like dying to some one they hate.
  6. Age is relative - Hello my fellow poet - I still have all your poems by the way:)
  7. I remember being in Ard bank and seeing someone asking for a lockpic, so said ok whilst looking for it in my invent. Turns out it was Zar and straight up someone says " oh you are just sucking up to him" ... I remember thinking it would or at least SHOULD take a hell of a lot more than a lockpick if that was the case :twisted:
  8. Pfft, cheeky as ever. You are just trying to get out of owing me all those fish :blink: Flick me your email address and I willl up date you.. :razz:
  9. Pfft, typical you - one post lol

  10. Those were fun days !.... Hiya Stud !!! :razz: But oh the drama that would go on in the forums, all forums lol ...I used this face :evil: a lot ...and :wall: but most often :razz:
  11. Birdi, a very good pker, except he NEVER caught me and used to growl because I could run a good diagonal, and type fast..so I would chat to him ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way down to Edge:p In the end, we became friends:) Let's face it, it's impossible to resist your intended victim when she tells you jokes all the way there. Even though all you pkers would fight and argue, I really thought you were all nice guys - well you were to me anyway:) Purity never let me go in wild with him because instead of any fighting going on, I'd be standing there chatting with his enemies. And to the person who said " at least no one mentioned Azn Purity" ... Azn Purity Azn Purity Azn Purity Azn Purity Azn Purity Azn Purity I do these things at midnight :razz:
  12. made me smile, talk about bring back so many memories. hell now I need a damn tissue !
  13. Stirs up a few memories and gives this a whirl: Azn Purity - He will always be first and foremost - what a blast we had for such a long time - you so OWE me for all those damn fish:p I remember staying up for 20 out of 24 hours a day during holiday breaks drinking coffee! World 8, the hut - we lived out there. It drove him crazy if I ever went pking with him because I could never actually attack someone. In his words " How can we pk when you are friends with everyone!!!" That tends to happen when you can type 130 words per minutes, click half a screen ahead of yourself and chat to the person chasing you! Musashi22 - Always a sweetheart and still is, I married him on RSC, still have the pics and some of the most beautiful memories. We never lost touch, we went from RS2, to Ultima Online and then Lord of the Rings online. These days Second life is where I live. Robin Hood - oh man, did I stir up a hornets nest being friends with Robin, he was well over level 100 when I met him at level 70. I got so many private messages screaming " WHY??". He would totally not want me to say this, but behind the big boy bad image, was someone really worth knowing, who had a heart of gold. If it was not for him, I would not be sitting here typing this message today. I became "Queen of the diagonal" after he taught me how to outrun the big bad guys. and so many more ... Arcy, Meili, Zezzy, Birdie - let's face it, back then we had such a tight little community, love or hate each other - we all KNEW each other. Days filled with laughter, drama, pure insanity and somtimes tears. It has been a few years now, but I have to say to those of you who say online relationships go nowhere or are not real - you are wrong. Oh SO very wrong.
  14. yes it is me, and what you didn't know, is Musa and I were on together lol... He told me he was talking to you. :P
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