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  1. Hi Myth, can you email me again please, found the poems and lost your email !!

  2. Hi Myth, can you email me again please, found the poems and lost your email !!

  3. Great :) They will bring back nice memories. /wave
  4. Btw, we should organise a meet up on RS2 prolly ( doubt alot are willing to pay for it or have Classic ).. In like 2 months, as that's the average time-span people (if they even do) re-read this topic. A ''vet'' - meet up would kick some serious ass.
  5. hi Myth, my email is [email protected] Get in touch and I will send you what I have:)

  6. Old topic is old. Just bumping it as there's alot of activity of some oldies on here who are actually in these pictures I posted. Mythical edit: Could this topic be moved to RS Classic forums ? Thanks!
  7. It would mean a great deal to me if we could some how get in contact and you could send me those; I've lost nearly everything I've written from before 2009 due to my Backup HardDisk crashing. Hope to hear from you,
  8. Hi Azn, I remember you clearly. I quit playing at 2002 when RS2 came out. I played some around 2005 and 2008 but not more than a few weeks. Was not able to get the hang of the game. Me and Mystical 910 also have played on a few private Classic servers over the year, for a few weeks just to rack up some old good memories. How's life? Regards, Mythical & Mystical 910 Edit: Hi Meili/Fook hope all is well! :) /wow and meiessiah Hey!
  9. Hi, Nice to see. Me and Mystical are in the list. Regards, Mythical /wave Fook: (- image is dated 2002 pre RS2 ;) -)
  10. Nice Fook. I recently lost all my oldschool runescape pictures because I accidently formatted the harddisk they were on. :Sadpandaface:
  11. And the underground farm was real. As real as we wanted it to be.
  12. Awww I remember this list from Kingleonardo. He was always very busy with recording stuff. Good times \ I see the gap between me and Mystical 910 was alot smaller than it is now on classic 115/107 compared to 107 / 104 =P
  13. Hi Tim! (who also pointed me to this post :P ) I can't even remember complaining about that lag XD
  14. y00kaY! :P that looks like fun over there.
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