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  1. I have seen many people Dharoking many tasks that only require prayer like fire giants, I have also seen some Dharok Iron/Steels tasks. Maging doesnt really work well with slayer only good thing that I know of is using fire spells on irons/steels. Assuming that you know using stab is the best way to kill all dragons, Korasis + DDef is better. And, if you can stand getting 80 DG the Chaotic Rapier is the BEST weapon for many slayer tasks. Hope i helped.
  2. Use whip and if you have SGS I would bring it along (Unless you have a different spec weapon)
  3. I just need to know if I should range or melee corp. Im 70 prayer and can use piety and all i have is supers. I have 85 attack and 91 strength. I am 90 range. Im just not sure, because I know i can hit 1000's with ruby bolts and range pots. But potted with piety I can easily hit 200-300's with melee. Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  4. To start this, im going to say that I love pking. Its fun and its what I like to do. (The problem is that I RoL from 60% of my fights). I just need advice on how to make my account better, and which pk style would be best for my stats. Right now my current stats are - 85 attack, 91 strength, 86 defence, 91 constitution, 90 ranged, 70 prayer (got piety), and 87 mage = 110 combat. Obviously, getting vengeance will help me alot and I plan on working towards getting that. My usual pking setup is - Neitiznot, rune platebody and legs, climbing boots, rune and sometimes barrows gloves, team cape, RoL, and my weapon is usually a korasis sword or a whip with a dragon defender. Thanks in advance, :)
  5. I meant to say bring it with you for healing, but use the whip. :shock:
  6. I would use whip, unless you have an SGS, then I reccomend bringing it along for healing.
  7. Dont you need 275 Qp's as a requirement for WGS? Dailies, Kingdom, Slayer, You have awsome stats for boss hunting, Pk, Merch, working on the qps for wgs soon and it is higher than sig lol, nooby here but what are dalies? didnt start playing again that long ago so im not really sure tbh, and what bosses? Dailies are things that you can buy every 24 hours that you sell for profit. Items like, battlestaves, runes from magic shops, broad bolts (If you can), things like that.. Im sure there are some guides that can be found by a quick google search. And your stats are good for bosses like Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin (I think), and you can also corp if your feeling lucky. EDIT: Was looking around and I found a good dailies guide on tip.it. - http://forum.tip.it/topic/254632-daily-activities/
  8. Dont you need 275 Qp's as a requirement for WGS? Dailies, Kingdom, Slayer, You have awsome stats for boss hunting, Pk, Merch,
  9. Waterfiends Pking Any monster worth kiilling thats weak to crush.
  10. If you dont know OLD WILDY IS BACK!! :thumbsup: AND, The RoWealth got an update with a whole new list of stuff, so whenever your killing stuff I reccomend using this. As you said, you could go RC but the cash is not as great as it use to be.. but the option is always there. If you have enough cash I would buy a cannon, some cannonballs, and a glory. Go kill green dragons in the new revenant cave (Use glory to bank/tele incase of pkers). And.. like a lot of people say, go slay some stuff (Makesure to use RoW for drops). Like you also posted, get some cash from other methods and then buy some tanking gear and go camp Avaiansies. Hope I helped
  11. I don't think that you can get 1m+ from cleaning herbs. However, making the unfinished potions is a great source of money Assuming you have the scroll of cleansing of course. I am 99% sure that I have seen some herb get that high, Im pretty sure before the BXPW that Torstsols/Snapdragons were over 1m/per hour. But, The prices may have changed. Either way the other methods I posted are still good.
  12. Pretty much doing what the first poster said, Another method, One of my favorites, is using God Spells (Im not sure if a zerker can use these, but I cant look it up right now) What you do is unlock a God spell (Claws of Guthix reduces Defense by 10%, I use this) and get some Prostylete and use the Charge spell and mage all the melee brothers and either range or melee Karil and Ahrim. If you can use this method just be sure to use charge when it wears off. BUT, Doing all Barrage/Blood blitzing for extra food and clawing karil/ahrim.. Thats always the best
  13. Getting 85 Dung and getting a Chaotic Rapier and killing frost dragons can easily get you 1.5m/2m+ per hour. Your 97 Runecrafting and that can get some cash. Slayer Dailies Merching/Flipping Cleaning certain herbs can get 1m+ per hour. (Check Grimy's Spreadsheat, Someone posted a link) Hope I helped
  14. Thanks for this, :thumbup: I knew about the spell but I always thought it was more then supercompost.
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