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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. It's still filled with so much epicness. I mean... Annie. Cmon. Amirite? And you've totally got me hooked on Katawa Shoujo! And the best part of your blog are Lose No Hope's comments because of that [bleep]ing picture in his sig. Makes me LOL every damn time. Regardless, I salute your epic blog and many more epic posts to come while I sit in the wings and never comment again; just watch. :thumbup: <3: :twss: |^_^|
  3. WHERE HAS DIS BLOG BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? Only on page 27, gotta work soon. I will finish it later! You sir, are quite the realest sir, sir. :cool:
  4. Share. Share. Share! Your luck, not the drops ;) Great stuff happening here! Congrats on all the success :cool:
  5. Haha for sure man. I never add "popular" people because I figure they wouldn't add me anyway. But I'll do that next time I'm on! Grats on all your drops too! I see your luck hasn't run out still ;)
  6. Excellent progress! Finally got that 99 Slayer, epic. Along with a few more 99's plus 3 binds, that's just too pro man. Congratz!
  7. Yay! I've been waiting for you to come back for some time now. Glad to see you back. Effigy nerf is crap. :/ But now you have more reason to get your skills up so you can open them all! Cheers ;)
  8. Wow! As you know, I just read through your whole blog, and again I say: Wow! You've come such a long way from the little f2p noob you were ;) and look at you now. 2 99 skills, one of them being very difficult to get, almost 2k total, and a very impressive bank! This blog is most impressive and I'm glad I took my time to read through it all. Keep up the fantastic work, and don't stop! You're awesome. ^_^ Also, I hope for good times ahead in our clan. :thumbsup: ~Greyhall
  9. I do. I wouldn't talk to you at all if I didn't like you. <3: I reserve trolling for those I care about ^-^ It's a sun befitting an achievement like 17M Farming [email protected]@@@ 200m will be an even better picture. :twisted: I... can't even imagine something like that.
  10. That's such a glorious sun... It should have been saved for something more, like.... 200m Farming exp!
  11. GOGO. You should make a video of you opening all the nests and stuff! :pray: Or at the very least, do before and after pics and show how much it's worth. :thumbup:
  12. I'll never stop saying it - dem effigies. :thumbup: Nice job on the 200m counter too. Impressiveness :shades:
  13. So many effigies.... wait. Already said? Alright. But really, get dat 99 slayer :thumbup: super sexy.
  14. It saddens me to come this far on my journey through coming upon this blog. As I just found it about half an hour ago, read through it all - laughing and being amused throughout - and then coming to the end.... I feel a bit of uncertainty that Tuto will ever come back. I also feel sadness that I may never know this legend of blogs. Either way.... I have truly enjoyed the read that Tuto has provided with this blog and hope that one day, he'll come back. The adventures of Tuto Island must go on! COME BACK. :(
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