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  1. 1. Go to w2 grand exchange 2. Take down the names of anyone who is trading something worth 20m+ 3. In the middle of the night, find their login details in the database you supposedly have access to and steal their [cabbage] But yeah, no.
  2. Staking is not a consistent source of money.
  3. Piety drains your prayer much faster than protection prayers. Waterfiends attack 50% of the time with range, which is the more accurate of the two (at least, if you're wearing ranger armour). So protecting from range will save you at least 50% of the healing needed while it's activated.
  4. full slayer helm chaotic maul/Saradomin sword/Zamorakian spear soul wars cape karil's top karil's skirt dragon boots barrows gloves onyx ring (i)/berserker ring (i)/(ring of wealth) amulet of fury Inventory: Enhanced excalibur/other spec weapon 8-11 prayer potions (4) slayer ring/enchanted gem (4 sharks) 1 pouch and 1 summoned familiar (or 2 pouches). Either bunyip or unicorn stallion. scrolls (~40 for bunyip, dunno unicorn) Pray deflect range/protect from missiles Too lazy to add links for inventory.
  5. Torag's. The prayer bonuses from Verac's are mostly useless. Train slayer. Train farming. Do herb runs. Plant either toadflax or avantoe for now.
  6. Avant


    I believe you stop failing at 93. Not that it matters much, as failing at Barbarian is rare to the point where you'll be at full health 90% of the time. This is at 90, though. Might be much more common if you drop down to 85 or so.
  7. It helps a bit if you specify when, date-wise, you last played. The release of "skill capes", which are cosmetic capes (with decent defence bonuses) that can be obtained after you get 99 in a skill, motivated a lot of people grind just to get 99s in a skill. Some of it may also be due to the more higher-level-oriented content that Jagex has released (ancient effigies...and stuff). This is all assuming you left before skill capes.
  8. Mahogany tables are 4.9291 times more expensive, but 2.3333 times more experience for each plank used. Alternatively, it's only 2.4645 times more expensive if you use sacred clay hammers.
  9. I believe Google chrome also doesn't really work well. with Macs. Fixed that for you. Chrome is getting better and is much faster as advertised; but its only faster because it has no support for huge amounts of very common coding. Their java and mac support are both a bit iffy still. Uh, no? The latest version scores a perfect 100 on the acid3 test.
  10. Chrome? Saves a lot of screen space as well.
  11. With a hood, the majority of things attacking you will be magic-based.
  12. It doesn't happen when you've already ticked off all floors of the type you did. Types: Frozen 1-11 Abandoned 12-17 Furnished 18-29 Abandoned 2 30-35 Occult 36-47 Warped 48-60
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