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  1. Finally someone who thinks like I do... Seems like the cheapest and most effective way of removing bots... That or personally I'd spend 4-5 hours a week bot-banning in exchange for free membership, wouldn't be hard to implement either imo. Put a system in place that for x amounts of bans (including of course a successful ban to a misreport ratio) gets free membership for a month. I'm sure they'd have more people offering to help then they could handle. Dunno, if that happened I'd probably just make like 20 accounts, bot on them for 5 minutes then report them all so I could get free membership.
  2. Alright, thanks a lot. I know my Summoning needs a lot of work, sadly. D: Input helped though, so ty. :o
  3. Hey everyone. So I've recently hit 85 Dungeoneering (wee, frosts!) and I've been killing some frost dragons. Currently I melee them (I use a rapier), but I have heard it is better to range them from a friend I have in real life. So I thought I'd ask you guys. What's better? Combat stats are: 80 Attack 83 Strength 71 Defense 72 Range 79 HP
  4. I've been doing this for a bit now.. looking through the first few clues I did, I make (on average) 130k for an easy clue.
  5. Could also do spiders in the Stronghold of Security. I've done most of my melee training there on the 1500+ worlds, it's not as bad as regular worlds.
  6. Great guide. :) Was nice to read, helped me out a bit too.
  7. Given that summoning is extremely easy to get to 68, i would suggest doing that before going. It will affect your profits significantly. Other than that, with low levels, ranging is suggested, and i would suggest a range setup with 80+ ranged. Awesome, thanks a lot. :)
  8. Just curious, what would someone with my stats make there? I'm getting 80 attack and 85 Dungeoneering but I don't have any Summoning levels. A friend of mine says he makes ~800k/h without a familiar here (not much, I know, but it's still quite a bit better than almost everything else with my skills).
  9. On another account with 99 range, I tried chinning at ~70, personally I found yaks to be a better form of training, although it gets really boring there. You could also try doing Range with Slayer (someone must've seen this coming).
  10. Could use your operating system's time.
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