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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday! :D

  3. is very happy today =D

  4. @above poster: than why you ask for 1 lol @gid: ow now i see lol, understood it wrong :^_^:
  5. serious....what is the point of making those comments i you are going to talk [hamburgers] about it. and again, if you believe it or not is up to you, but i dont care...
  6. if you want to believe or not is your choice :^_^: i will look if i may have a pic of it..
  7. i placed a soft thick cushon on the place where my head would land to prevent a face plant :rolleyes: succeded 1 time today lol
  8. i will try the clap behind the back :^_^: *faceplant on floor*
  9. when i wanted to do my daily workout thingy i thought about trying something new. the famous push up and clap in your hand. after a few normall push ups and push up on the knuckles i went trying it. but i cant seem to find a steady rithem to clap. i can do it a few times before it starts to mess up. has anybody tried this too and can give me a bit of advice on what is important to do when you wan to do the clap in your hands. :^_^:
  10. seeing from the name i can conclude this thing will kill you :^_^: Why do you say that? :mellow: just a joke :)
  11. may i give a tip(not sure if it works) but how about pickking teh stuff from the guy that died and give back outside nex instead of blessing and maybe the person cant even get back too his grave
  12. *ended the masive quote chain* staying far away is a bit hard..i sit next to her like 9 hours a week this makes me feel crap...becuase its hard to forget someone you like :|
  13. seeing from the name i can conclude this thing will kill you :^_^:
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