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  1. is very happy today =D

  2. @above poster: than why you ask for 1 lol @gid: ow now i see lol, understood it wrong :^_^:
  3. serious....what is the point of making those comments i you are going to talk [hamburgers] about it. and again, if you believe it or not is up to you, but i dont care...
  4. if you want to believe or not is your choice :^_^: i will look if i may have a pic of it..
  5. i placed a soft thick cushon on the place where my head would land to prevent a face plant :rolleyes: succeded 1 time today lol
  6. i will try the clap behind the back :^_^: *faceplant on floor*
  7. when i wanted to do my daily workout thingy i thought about trying something new. the famous push up and clap in your hand. after a few normall push ups and push up on the knuckles i went trying it. but i cant seem to find a steady rithem to clap. i can do it a few times before it starts to mess up. has anybody tried this too and can give me a bit of advice on what is important to do when you wan to do the clap in your hands. :^_^:
  8. seeing from the name i can conclude this thing will kill you :^_^: Why do you say that? :mellow: just a joke :)
  9. may i give a tip(not sure if it works) but how about pickking teh stuff from the guy that died and give back outside nex instead of blessing and maybe the person cant even get back too his grave
  10. *ended the masive quote chain* staying far away is a bit hard..i sit next to her like 9 hours a week this makes me feel crap...becuase its hard to forget someone you like :|
  11. seeing from the name i can conclude this thing will kill you :^_^:
  12. That's a bug? 0.0 it WAS a bug it got fixed in an hour or so but some of us were lucky and did check ik out before the update fixed it so we couldnt know it was one :rolleyes:
  13. Got with? (How I would say it, may vary in American.) Also, are you asking for advice or just stating? i wanna knwo how it can go from top to flop while i didnt change. i find that really confusing :huh: i) You didn't realise what you had done. ii) She had changed in the weeks/months you were together. iii) She was influenced by external factors e.g. another boy or her bestfriend. iv) The chemistry just didn't exist. i think iii because there where 2 friends of me that told like half the school and she is like a member of the populair group or how should i say..some of thos people are nice(like she is) but most of them are people yu would wanna hit straight in the face. and a guy from my class told me just before it went wrong she had a boyfriend...but it looked lik she self didnt knew she had 1. does that mean again other people destroyed it or did i just leave simply no inpression at all? :???:
  14. im not an expert or something, but we do this at taekwon-do to train abs, and i find it working pretty good :) m not very good at explaining this in text so i made somekind of a picture, hope it helps :^_^: [hide][/hide]
  15. :huh: Got with? (How I would say it, may vary in American.) Also, are you asking for advice or just stating? i wanna knwo how it can go from top to flop while i didnt change. i find that really confusing :huh:
  16. when i had it with(how its called in english?) a girl it whent out because of a stupid [bycicle] who was telling it to everyone and she didnt like it. seccond time,not long ago, i liked here and it [failled] up because well i dont know...in the beginning it went all good,felt really good to. and than1 time bam it all went down...friend say you gotta move on. but im really like wtf..
  17. i tried and shouted HYT! in the edgeville bank and than a guy commes to me i need to stfu because he feels offended :huh:
  18. hi everybody here im new here and well im gonna do what this topic is ment for....introduce myself :^_^: to start, i like to play runescape and my rs name is at the little piece at the left of the page so feel free to pay a visit to my house in rs :^_^: im 15 years and live in the netherlands, also i do taekwon-do as sports, i dont know if anyone here does it to or is interested in it, lets hope :) as you have probably seen by now i love emotions and smileys, expecially the :^_^: and =D than now about what i do in rs: (first sentence wtouth a smilley :).......crap now it isnt anymore) my goal is to achieve 99att, 99construct(never gonna happen, eats my money) and 99magic also i love humor, some people say i got a good sence of humor, and others say the complete opposite. so you will know soon enough i you like my sence of humor :) and to end my llittle introduction, im always ready to talk with anyone, make jokes and have fun..thats what life is for. well..as you see this am i and im happy to be here since i use guides from this site for a few years(yes years) and i enjoy communities that put effort in what they :thumbup: do :thumbup: that was that..hope to see you around here! :^_^:
  19. thank you very much for your advice and tips :^_^: i will certainly keep them in my mind when im gonna make a new guide
  20. thanks :) i wanted something easy to make a guide about back then, and it was somesort an introduction to youtube for me, since i made more youtube videos after this 1 :^_^:
  21. well the video explanes itself :) i made this a long time ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDM0Vjwr1ko i know this guide is maybe not that great, thats why i need some feedback from you so i can make better ones =D
  22. very nice! read the pm box at 0:33 :rolleyes:
  23. i think i need some seriuos help lol i cant get the bots killed.
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