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  1. *2001 DD was probably a kid (roughly) when he started playing, hence wanting to share it with his kids. I understand the feeling That's not near enough time to have started playing when he was only a kid, unless his kid is like 3 years old and playing RS. Kid is relative I suppose. I didn't mean <10
  2. I might not show up in very many old game pictures, but I was all over the boards. haha. Guess that was why i was always about 5 levels behind everyone else, along with other board [bleep] like anon, death timing, Dj Bowzer, Pico, ect. I wonder what was so important to say to Jak56 that I had to post it on the main board. haha
  3. Thats BlueRose13x in the background of the Everdred picture. She made him a rune hatchet for the occasion (which can also be seen in the picture). Dmonik- first to smith Mithril. haha
  4. Whats interesting is that if this continues it will only worsen real world trading. I can already see an emerging secondary market for the cards. People buying them in the store and selling them to locations without them for a highly inflated price. I don't think anyone at Jagex has ever studied business, marketing, or economics.
  5. *2001 DD was probably a kid (roughly) when he started playing, hence wanting to share it with his kids. I understand the feeling
  6. Oh my god, your signature nostalgia'd me so hard :( MUTANT [email protected]@@@@@ Haha glad you liked it! I wish i still had more screenshots from those games.
  7. Another very well written article on classic runescape. You do a great job of reviewing the past without just regurgitating the commonly known stuff. Brings back happy memories of wasting my adolescence, haha
  8. It makes me feel old when I can tell which posters have children and which are still children themselves just by the attitude they take to a topic like this. If DirtyDevil is as old of a player as I think I remember, he was probably a kid when he started playing (as was I). Fast forward ten years and now we're in the position of guardians wanting to share with our children the joys of our childhood, while still protecting them from the evils of the world. It isn't an easy balance to strike and I don't think most people understand it until they are in the position themselves.
  9. Regarding "Forever Runescape" Neat write up, I realize that the article is game-focused rather than player-nostalgic, but there are two player names and two websites I always think of when discussing RS-origins: Everdred- First player to get 99 in a skill Caramon/Tip.it: It was on the original Tip.it/runescape boards that the Gowers realized that they had introduced a new kingdom (Asgarnia) without ever naming the original one. When someone brought this up, Andrew asked for suggestions, eventually choosing "Misthalin," the suggestion from Caramon, an old-timey player and sometimes Mod on the boards. I wish there were archives of those old boards so people could see just how much influence this site had on the development of the game early on. Gamesdomain Castle: Before runescape, Andrew made the "castle" for Gamesdomain.co.uk (before Yahoo bought the domain). A LOT of the original RS players migrated directly from the Castle, and a lot of the sprites and character designs in RSC can be seen in the older games in the castle (such as Crypt, for example).
  10. Beta Launch day Jan 01 :-) Superman Superman3434 (which I just recovered from a fellow board member who fraudulently recovered it) and my main Superman38
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