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  1. For any Red versus Blue fans, here is a pic of myself and the guys who do the voices for Grif and Simmons. By far some of the coolest guys I have ever met!
  2. H2OLennon

    Deus Ex

    This by far is going ro be a really legit late of the year game coming out. In my eyes, Skyrim is it's only real competition for, what I believe, will be single player game of the year. Anyone else looking at this game like I am? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roK7Wc6thzM
  3. A few pics of myself up at PAX East: For any hardcore fans who atched Ultimate Gamer, here's a pic of myself and Ciji Thorton (StarSlay3r). She's one of the "female faces" for rhythm gaming and a pretty legit fighter on the console. This girl made a dress made out of Magic playing cards. Talk about legit. And... it's myself and MC Frontalot! Heck yeah. I do have two pics, one of just myself and Gustavo Sorola, and another of me, Gustavo, and Geoff Ramsey (some of the red team from Red versus Blue that I'll post later). :D
  4. So far this year, Captain America, The Avngers, and... Immortal. Immortal is "produced" (I believe) by the same people that did 300, which, I think we can all say, was a pretty B.A. movie, so definently a must see.
  5. Bioshock one is an excellent game. I just recently got Alice: Madness Returns for on-disc games, a real good game. If you're a platform gamer, and at least liked Zelda the slightest, this game is a must get. The puzzles are great, the combat is a bit horrible at first, but deeper in the game, it gets smooth to control and work with, graphics are nice, the story is amazing, overall, an A- game. Now, I am a 360 gamer, so for arcade, the game I bought yesterday was Galaga Legions DX. All I have to say is, "OH MY GOSH!" They did right with Pac-Man C.E DX, and they did just the right amount of work with this game to make it superb. The game is a clearcut 10/10, 5/5, however you judge a game. A MUST BUY, and that's fact. 200/200 gamerscore on it, now chasing after high scores.
  6. No you don't, you liar! D:

  7. Oh snap! I'm the one in the orange neon coned colored pimp suit. :3
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