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  1. Question: I have a friend with 56m+ thieve exp and he said that there is a method faster then Pyramid Plunder. Blackjacking Monkey Knife Fighters can get around 300k+ an hour he says. Is this true?
  2. Congratz Jimmy! Don't know ya, but hope you do good :)
  3. Didn't Jagex do a bunch of rollbacks dropping the ranks of each cape? Not sure, but I have the 15th rarest skill :D
  4. I would do Monkey Knife Fighters but I can't be bothered to get the requirements for the quest. So, what's this "eee" your referring too? I can use bunyips. Also, do you wear anything particular? Boots of lightness perhaps?
  5. Awesome! You should get her to make a skillcape. :P
  6. Okay, so, I am currently going for 99 thieving. I want to achieve this skill the fastest possible and am wondering a few things. First off, I am level 64 and doing the chests/doors in the Thieving Guild. Is there any faster method to 71? Once I get to 71, I will be doing Pyramid Plunder. I need to know what worlds are best to use for PP, what is the best possible outfit set up to use when training at PP, what items do I need, what you suggest would maximize experience, and about how much will everything cost to get to 99? I'd love for all opinions. :)
  7. I love this site!

  8. I like the people who joined it. Wonder if they believe it or just joined it for some other reason. Must say, I've seen several Facebook profiles like that, and went along with two or three to see what they would ask and to see if I could guess there wording correctly. These guys are really predictable.
  9. I've lost contact with many friends over the years, but two people come to my mind. One I can't remember her name, but we were good friends and it seems I accidentally deleted her in my periodical friend's list sweeps. The others name is rawwr_nin.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVLaQJN0XbE This video wasn't made by me, but I'm in it. It's an advertisement video for the new 99 Club thing Mod Mat K is working on. And, it's a neat video
  11. I've only read through the last page, but the pics I've seen are hilarious! I'll have to start screenshotting my fail conversations. :)
  12. Hey everyone! I'd just like to say I've joined Tip.it. I use this site for everything regarding Runescape, so figured I might as well join and make some new friends. I'm an avid Scaper and love skilling. I have 3 skillcapes: woodcutting, fishing, and cooking. I have my next 3 planned out: thieving, hunting, and mining. I refuse to dungeoneer therefore my level remains at 1 with 0 exp. Anything else, feel free to ask me :)
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