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  1. Jake reached 200m Farming, gratz to him on that :)
  2. I'm also confused here, as I thought that you didn't retain anything in '07scape that you had in EOC. People would buy gp in the 07 game by paying for it with gp from the EOC game. It involves a trust trade, and the cost for 07 gp is pretty high. A very immoral thing to do, zero respect from me to anyone that did it (quite a few people sadly)
  3. Crafting could have easily rushed a certain level by being pushed by 1 or 2 people and then sustained himself making money making amulets\rings\hides for people. Fletching could also have been pushed just until yew long level and then easily sustained himself, some of the top fletchers had 1-2m less than a day after they were able to start fletching yew longs. Idk about herblore, I know Mithril is mass buying unids, so maybe he merches them while using the better ones? Also, I don't believe that n0valyfe jr is n0valyfe. :( Having buyables high makes tons of money at this point. They may have had a headstart with help from friends or eoc gp but once you are at the top of a buyable you will be making lots of money. Top crafters made millions with str amulets and glories. Top fletchers made millions with basically any longbow above maple (shortbows also for the first few to get the lvl). Top herblorists made millions with pray pots, super sets, energy pots (the lack of energy is pretty insane D:). Top smithers made bank with armour sets, axes and scimitars.. Top magers made tons of money with alching. And so on.. I would be doing the same if I didn't wanna keep my front page overal lol
  4. In the other news, Dapledo is powering through fletching atm. I've always admired this player because of his high skill base (except cb stats). Do you guys think he's waiting with 120 dung until he has enough xp for the front page? ps: Enough with the drama guys, change topic and move on honestly. None of this is relevant for the thread in my opinion.
  5. I'm getting around 300k str xp/hr at mutated jadinko males. Using extremes and cm in void.
  6. I half wonder if SUOMI is the reason for these bans. Because people are looking at a high profile player at 200m hunting and seeing obvious bots ranked higher. Judging from the page in the hunter highscores that Suomi is on http://puu.sh/1JE3c this can hardly be the case (notably rank 46, 48 and 49). Also proves to me it's a machine at work, no manual banning or obvious cases such as these would not be left out. I'm not exactly sure about numbers but I'd say atleast half the accounts with 200m hunt still are bots, not to mention the many thousands that have between 99 and 200m. A13D can probably provide us with more information about that :P
  7. Dapledo started playing again! He's working on Dungeoneering at a reasonable pace. El Popo1 (formerly #1 f2per with over 1200m pure f2p exp) maxed p2p :D. From the looks of it he's getting 200m fletching first. He's at rank 81 right now but he has proven to be capable of extreme achievements so I think he might have a go at the front page :)
  8. El Popo1 got membs and started training member's skills. :o
  9. Grats to Jake for getting rank 1 xD
  10. Hmm, I have a feeling Blocks is going to do firemaking as next skill to 200m xD
  11. Made a video of it, sorry for extreme lagg and my noobiness, my computer can't handle making video's while having RS open :S. This just shows the basic idea I guess, it's very simple lol.
  12. Bonfires have no interface, you can woodcut while firemaking now. Doing it at arctic pines myself I'm pretty sure it doesn't slow down woodcutting one bit. I'm not a tick expert though.
  13. Looks like Elvis is giving up his rank 3 to Elias, he could still easily get fast construction xp if he wanted but he moved to smithing again.
  14. I agree, however my tested hour was nowhere near a max xp hour based on luck because of the reasons I stated. I know it's still way too little data and I would collect more information if I could. I don't have time myself though so I was hoping for other people to test it out :P EDIT: As for hit/miss data on the trees/fishing spots, I assume you mean the number of logs/fish you get on average from each spot out of the max per spot? I won't be able to collect any of that information myself because I don't have 99 in either of the skills or a primal hatchet bound :/ I think I'm just going to try and do another ~10 tests of 1 hour. The main thing I'm trying to find out is wether it's more efficient than just C2 fishing and regular Wc, not exact xp rates because they won't affect me personally :P
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