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  1. Lol, are Jagex still trying with the wilderness? They need to just accept the Runescape they've created and remove PVP from the game.
  2. I'm going to guess you're not pleased about pure resets? Correct. On a scale of raging to furious, how mad are you? I'll ask you the same question when Jagex decides to just let people edit their stats. Maybe stat edit tokens on squeal of fortune.
  3. I'm going to guess you're not pleased about pure resets? Correct. But only because Jagex is desperately focused on trying to lure players who don't want to come back, back. It's getting embarrassing.
  4. Or for Jagex's declining playerbase? :o Some people liked where runescape was going before Jagex killed it.
  5. Yep, Barrows gloves definitely need 70 defence. The whole intent behind Legacy mode is to keep a semblance of the old game for people who dislike EOC. No old standards, no old players.
  6. Maybe they can also work on an Enhanced fire cape that actually looks good.
  7. Same reason a level 90 rune pure wasn't accepted into pure clans when a level 100 initiate pure was. It's the principle of it. Erm, it says level 50 in the GE for me...what am I missing? Or do you mean the brief interval it was changed? Yeah, they changed it back to 50 almost immediately after. Them even bothering to change it shows that Jagex understands what I'm saying. They just don't care about legacy mode.
  8. Why would that be stupid? They could easily make legacy-only worlds have different requirements on items. You may not have noticed this but they've managed to run simultaneous combat modes, different requirements on items is not a harder technological feat than that. Actually it affects a large number of items (in the pking world). I'm only commenting on this because despite what you may or may not think Jagex is clearly interested in putting a lot of effort into trying to get back old players even to the point of offering stat editing for your defence level. How long before Jagex says "hey, you can edit all your combat stats if you just please please please play runescape again"? This is not an effort to placate whiners who dislike EOC but still play it. They are putting in real effort to entice old players back to runescape, I'm simply pointing out things that will keep them away. A "nice shiny override to hide abilities"? Yes, I would agree with that definition of legacy mode. Which is why it won't do what Jagex wants it to do.
  9. They're obviously trying to lure back in PKers (and other players) who quit when EOC was released. They're releasing the new "Reset your defence level" option for the sole purpose of luring people who love runescape but hate EOC to play legacy but they still have the ridiculous EOC armour requirements. "Barrows" gloves now need 70 defence to wear. I guess actually releasing a pre-EOC server without it being all the way back in 2007 would do too much damage to the remaining playerbase of EOC.
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