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  1. i've not read all of the previous comments, but i'd just like to add that i found this game originally as something to do when i was at work on my lunch break - back then it was RSC. I didn't particularly love it, but it was nice and simple. I'm now 28 and i probably play more than i used to in the last few years, but only because the game chills me out and even for all of the updates, it's still a nice easy game to get on with. Nothing is complicated and it's easy to just log in, play for an hour, then log off again. My wife even plays every now and then, as it's something we can do together. Long live Runescape :)
  2. Well there isn't a "flooded" set of floors yet, so potentially that could be a new set of floors, or alternatively i guess it could go into the frozen section, if it was a combination on water/ice. The lore is still being added to all of the time, so i don't really see this being an issue. As for levels, this would be the same as most current bosses - it'd depend on the level of the boss. Dan
  3. I had an idea the other day for a new Daemonheim boss, so thought Id make a post and see what people thought before I posted it on the official forums. Its basically some kind of water-based leviathan, with a walkway around the edge (like Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan). Ive added a link to a quick picture I created in paint to just illustrate what I mean - Attacks: Tentacle Whip a flail-style attack that causes melee damage. Anyone can be hit by this attack, but obviously the fewer tentacles there are, the lower the chance of being hit. However, the damage received increases with every tentacle lost. The tentacles will flail for a few seconds (defend only) then drop to the floor for a few seconds, enabling players to attack, cause damage and eventually cut off the tentacle (hatchet needed maybe, like the pickaxe is needed for the bulwark beast?) Ink Shot a dual magic and range attack that damages and also temporarily lowers defence (as preparation for special). Damage increases with every tentacle that is cut off. Giant Wave (Special Attack) the leviathan uses its tentacles to splash itself in the water and create a giant wave that covers the entire boss area, damaging and stunning players for a few seconds. This attack cannot be avoided, but this can be reduced significantly by cutting off the tentacles. The cutting off of tentacles doesnt need to be done to kill the monster, but could reduce the damage taken. The body itself can only be killed by mage/range (melee unable to reach). Other Info: Special Drops: Maybe a tentacle as a wieldable whip-style weapon? Suggested text: I wonder how that got in here? (Examine Info) Chopping off the tentacle has increased the Leviathans rage (cutting off a tentacle) The Leviathan splashes around, creating a giant wave (special attack warning at least one tentacle) The Leviathan splashes around, but to no avail (special attack warning no tentacles) "This tentacle looks like it could be cut off" (ready to be cut off with a hatchet?) Anyway, thanks for reading :) Dan
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. just a thought as i'm training thieving at the moment (i got 98 last night): it may seem a bit obvious, but summoning familiars can be used in the pyramid, so you could maybe include a section on what familiars would be best to use / most effective (i.e. terrorbird/bunyip/yak for energy/health/inventory, etc.) i personally find that a bunyip totally replaces the need for food (although i am 116cb) and i can do around 8 runs per bunyip. I generally only need to restore ~20hp when i bank at CW to restock on anti poisons (i carry 3x 4-dose) and empty my inventory of gold items (scarabs and statuettes), which can mean ~125k xp per bunyip.
  6. well thanks for the replies all, i'll bear them in mind when i start training :)
  7. oops, thought i had posted it in the help and advice! mods - pls move? thx.
  8. I finally completed As A First Resort yesterday, in preparation for my next goal of 99 agility (after i get 99 thieving) and just wondered if anyone knew the ratio for how long unlimited run energy lasts? All of the guides say "dependent on your agility level", but as i'll be training agility, that will be increasing all the time. I did it temporarily yesterday while thieving, but forgot to actually keep a track of my agility - i noticed it was decreasing after 4 runs of pyramid plunder, which is 20 minutes, but i'm not sure at what point it started decreasing (i'm 81 agility). thanks
  9. what is the difference between these though? the tests for the knowledge book are not that different from the "greatest quiz in runescape" random, other than you get some (possibly good) xp from it, rather than an old boot hidden inside a gift-wrapped box. it basically comes down to reward. you would be less likely to be critical about a random if the rewards were better, which is why EVERYONE likes the genie and classroom randoms. EDIT: reiterates the above.
  10. re: randoms personally i think more randoms should be rewarded with xp, just like the lamps or knowledge books. we should be rewarded for having collected all costume items from the mime (for example), as that is an achievement in itself, by receiving some kind of item that gives a small amount of xp. lamps give 10xlevel, books give 15xlevel, so why not 5xlevel? it might not be much, but if you think about how many costumes you can get, the chances of getting one of these items (i.e. a costume token or something) increases with the more full sets you have. i personally have all of the costumes and get very sick of having the same randoms. i don't mind Evil Bob, i either get a few good noted herbs or small amount of fish xp for free, even molly (as annoying as she is) gives noted gems, but i agree with curmudgeon - why would we want 20gp? i'd much rather 100xp in any skill i choose.
  11. *cough* please don't pity me. they may not be my favourite skills, but i enjoyed them, especially firemaking. i have three skill capes - so what if they are the three above that you think are worthless, it still took me a long time to get them. i don't no life, i have a job that takes up 10 hours a day, so i get a few hours a night to play online. i can't get 99 in a week. it used to annoy me that people would laugh and take the p*ss, but now i am past caring. i am in a skilling clan where i hold my own around 30th of 70-odd in terms of overall levels and i am pleased to have a 70+ account with an overall of 1900+ with a combat level of only 115. people ought to stop criticising others skills and concentrate on their own - if anyone reading this has 99 fletching and it's their only skill cape, then well done to you, it's still an achievement. so i'm an idiot as well for not wanting to do combat? i have been playing for over 4 years and yet i have never been to GWD since it came into being and i don't really intend to. i don't like combat that much, i would rather skill tedious levels and calculate how much exp or how many runs i need to level. does that make me stupid too?
  12. nice article pinky! : it looks as though this could benefit the SnC... :D
  13. i like to read all the lores and histories that come out ("The Fall of Six" is my fave) and especially enjoy the depth in which some of the quests go to not just tell you the story of the quest, but background into the story of the whole of runescape. I must admit, i did think this might be a good read (if it's anything like the lores), but i too cringed at the sight of the price - £13.99 for a novel based around a game i pay £3.20 a month to play. if i was younger and not working, that'd be a choice of a book based loosely on Runescape, or 4 months of actually playing the game itself (and that's not including delivery prices, i never got that far). It is a good idea, but not something i'll partake in. After all, you can get "Making Money" by Terry Pratchett for £5.00 and you can guarantee that it will make you laugh.
  14. sounds dumb, but the lvl13 crabs by relekka drop 1 gold charm every other drop, which isn't bad really considering their HP is so low. Good for getting up the basic levels i guess.
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