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  1. ty lol, sad how far cabbage has crashed :(, was 100gp each at one point. Also just lost a green mask :P. I still want your cabbages D: lol But nice collection none the less :)
  2. Good luck now. :shades: NO! YOU ARE ONE MEAN SON OF A [CABBAGE]! DID SOMEONE SAY..... CABBAGE??
  3. I still want your cabbages ;) that would put me at like 1m away from my goal! :P
  4. this is my collection.. lol collecting for 3yrs? I have a goal to be the first one to 10m+ :P
  5. This was my setup- worked great for me I recommend overloads, since you don't have a yak- only one herb level off, not a big spend. Arma runes+staff- only used like 300-400 per try. I used 1k in about 4 trys. This was my setup.. considering the one before it I was using- Divine Full Arma Steadfast Arma bstaff and I still died, this setup I beat the boss with stuff left over.. I recommend getting ovls at least, arma storm helps a lot, but it can be done with poly Any help you need let me know.. Also- this really helped me (Video I made) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-UwDKpkb5A That safespot is on the south.. also works for jads on waves 10+20 Only one monster hits you per round and you can take them all down 1 by 1 easily
  6. Woot! only 3.5m left to go until my collection is complete!
  7. My last few levels before membership ran out :P going to work on DG in FTP and crafting :)
  8. Woot! 218/850 PC points for full void! I feel accomplished? lol 1/4 done..
  9. Doesn't really help to say "it's very simple to get 100k+ exp." Are you going to share or just keep saying it's simple? Also, the Yak gets 100k+ as well. What would be your "maximum exp" with this method? Had to find the video for it.. here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqdn8og49Xk I got about 150-170k exp on my first run using his death method, the absolute maximum exp is 243k but its near impossible to get
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYdyf6avoR0 Dat 6 Million mark :]
  11. its very simple to get 100k xp + with no yak.. the yak method is terrible compared to what can be done to achieve maximum exp
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYdyf6avoR0 Woot!!
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