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  1. I wonder if they will roll back any, Warning: with my technological experience this may take up to 24 hours if it was a complete memory issue, they will have to restore everyones history, mos likely will be at least another hour if not more.
  2. Gives me a good chance to get some fresh Air :) Wait nvm, i'll just play 360.
  3. Escape from Alcatraz, A classic, and before that Dragnet an excellent movie and before that was bulletproof, little known adam sandler movie but was very good i suggest you check it out.
  4. I do not currently have a big clan advertisement to display , but this is a great clan to join. Very good first clan to join, many nice people with weekly events and staff. All levels are welcome to join and there is no requirement. here's the clan link FreeFall. Post reply and add me in game to join. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Edit: Say you were Recruited by Fall of Six. Thank you and happy clanning :)
  5. If you go there from the home page, it's still there. Where are you supposed to go from the homepage, because i can't find it. anywho, does that mean that someone just posted a wrong pic or will that actually be an update coming.
  6. Cheat, it says non member. I recommend killing cows, getting the hide, and then selling it, best way that i know of. :) Goodluck!
  7. I don't quest much but if I have to state one it would probably be Dragon Slayer, just cause when I was f2p i wanted full rune so bad, so that was a great reward for me. :)
  8. Want to race to 99? i'm at 93 right now
  9. WEll to start it off I'm going for level 99 woodcutting 99 cooking 70 prayer 75 mining 50 runecrafting all skills above level 30
  10. Has anyone seen the Teaser Image Found on Facebook? It looks like a voice chat is coming soon :)
  11. I agree, people are always trying to blame someone, the best advice i give is just to not let it get to your head. I play sports frequently, and have on a couple of occasions, got a technical Foul (basketball), and once even ejected, but the thing is it's all in the heat of the moment, when everyone's tempers are flaring, it's common for people to crack under pressure and explode. :)
  12. Just thought i'd introduce myself, My RS name is Fall of Six (named after the barrows brothers :)) I have played Runescape off and on for about three years now, I'm also not one of those people who just pop in, say hey, and leave. I've used this site for quite a while now and decided that it was about time to join it. I look forward to being a part of this community, and all the great things that'll come from it.
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