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    Reading, PC games, Music (mostly metal), watching (American) Football and playing Baseball. I like taking early morning jogs, I like staying physically fit because if I am going to be spending most of my days being lazy and doing lazy things, I might as well take care of myself. I can talk about pretty much anything! I'd love to get to know some people who share the same interests as I. Add me on Skype or send me a message or whatever, i would be more than happy to reply!

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  1. I got into the closed beta for this game, and let me tell you...it is going to blow WoW right out of the water my friends. Prepare for awesomeness. However, i think Blizzard is going to combat with it by releasing Diablo 3 right around the same time LMAO.
  2. Well, everything has a grain of truth. Minecraft can get boring as hell.

  3. Not feeling Runescape today.

  4. Anything MAINSTREAM really annoys the [cabbage] out of me.
  5. Ohhh, right. Forgot I even posted that haha! It was just too tempting.


    Jk, jk.

    No but really.

  7. *cough* excuse me?

  8. Ohai thar Mr. McTroll. :)

  9. hey! I just realised that you are 16 days younger than i am. That was random, i know...but anyways. Just thought I'd be friendly and say hello for no particular reason! ^.^

    Type me back if you'd like.

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