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  1. Finntroll - Nafffödd. Swedish metal does the job - always.
  2. I couldn't believe I read the whole text - though it was interesting and easily readable. You introduced your ideas clearly, and I don't think there was nothing one couldn't understand. You have invented a great skill, and set it to fit to the other enviroment of RuneScape. I'll end this rather short message of positive criticism to two words: Geniusly made. You have my support even though I am F2P.
  3. Miner_Guy, you could always google them. Congraz for 100 dung, Sonic! Going for 1.3k total and 99 fishing :ugeek: .
  4. Yes, Rs is still playable - even though I am 100% f2p. I do still find joy for playing it even with the bots. The bots don't actually disturb me too much nowadays, I guess you get used to things. For example, I learned to copy with mining bots; I understood the rhytm I should use when moving from ore to another, making the bot confused and unable to do anything or just mining the already mined ore. So I survive to bots by beating them :mrgreen: . But lets put the bots aside, and consider on what makes the game even more enjoyable: the company, your friends list or your clan. I don't mean your friends are 100% of the game, but they can help you to find the game funnier and perhaps give you a smile every now and then.
  5. Med's blog not popular, huh? How is that possible :huh: ? Congraz for pray 79, Med! By the way that bank pic is (too) nice.
  6. I get annoyed easily - almost too easily - when I have clearly showed I am not willng to talk and joke, and yet one of my friends still does it. Another situation is when I realize that I have been wasting my time on computer. That changes when school starts, though.
  7. np: Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene part I Trust me, this man is a genius - something what words aren't enough to describe.
  8. Yay, f2p blog! Congraz for 67 crafting and keep it going!
  9. Congraz for dung 100, hp 80 and good luck with your goals :thumbup: ! Nice blog!
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