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  1. Hmm... >.> You said you're a good hybrid though... This makes me think you're interested in a p2p clan?=o
  2. Interesting. Having a nice fight is always a good thing.
  3. =o You're leveling pretty fast. :^D You basically described my clan when you said wars and pks and bosses when bored lolll. I would invite you to join, buuuuuuuuut... >.> Our combat requirements are 105+ F2P :/ HOWEVER... <.< >.> I see that you're actively leveling (and fast). So I'll tell you this: feel free to hang out in our clan chat, The Clan, and get to know us. Once you reach about 100 F2P combat, really when you have a bit higher def--like 75+, AND post an introduction on our forums, then I personally will definitely invite you to experience a few of our wars whenever we have them. Posting that introduction is super important to be able to go to wars because we are an organized, official warring clan and there are some rules we have to follow to let you try us out. ^_^ Of course before then you're always invited to do our other things like bossing, f2p and p2p pking, and all sorts of fun events. -- So yeah. If you're interested in the offer just come by our clan chat and/or add me in-game. Feel free to post an introduction now if you'd like; there's no level requirement on that. All the links you need are in my sig. Our forums is the word "orange" and for more information click on the dancing orange. Thanks for even reading this and I hope to see you around. ^_^
  4. Lol. Don't mind these guys, they're just spam. Most likely they didn't even read your introductory bit there. You don't meet the requirements to join my clan, 'The' Clan. You might have heard of us though o_O We were the second clan in Runescape history and still have some members from around the 2001-2005 era. We even have a few people who've warred with 'The' Clan in classic show up for events or post on the forums every so often. 11 Years of ownage is a long time, lol. Anyway. Our requirements are 105 combat+ so, yeah. You aren't too far from that really, and we'd allow you to post an introduction and application, but we'd have to hold it until you reached the requirements. However, as you get closer to them we would allow you to certain events and certain types of wars though. :^D So that's always a plus, right? :^3 So if you like to pk in f2p and p2p, kill every boss, dunge, slay, get odd amounts of exp in our citadel, war, and relax for a bit, then feel free to stick around 'The' for a while. See if you like it. If you do decide to do that, then head to The Clan cc and make conversation and friends while you train. ^__^ If you want more information, then click on the dancing orange. If you want to see some pictures of old Runescape, then click on the word Nostalgia in my sig. If you don't think you can wait until 105 combat, then no worries. ^__^ I wont feel bad, but I just ask that you don't forget about us if you don't like your decision. :^D
  5. =o Good luck with your search, amigo. It might take a few days. :^/
  6. Wow nice Dungeoneering =o We have a pretty good number of people in 'The' Clan with rather high Dungeoneering levels. They go at it quite often too. Anyway, you didn't give me much of your interests or specific requests so I can't personalize this all too well :/ However I think you'll fit in nicely with 'The' Clan. We do at least one organized event everyday and wilderness or clan wars arena war 2 to 4 times per week in f2p, but before and after events people are always doing something like pking, bossing, dunge, etc. So daily events (check), activities (check), and as for a friendly community, well I invite you to come find out for yourself. ^__^ All you have to do is step into 'The' Clan clan chat and ask to be invited to an event. And if there isn't anything you like going on, then ask for some people to do something with you. I'm sure they'll be happy to. I truly do think you'll like it in 'The' Clan, as long as you answer this question. Do you like ? <--- Click the orange. ;^D You don't have to join immediately. Just idling in our clan chat and testing us out is perfectly fine. Did I mention we p2p pk several times a week and make tons of loots? I'm not sure if I did >.> Regardless, ^__^ I invite you to come see what's up. I think you'll like it.
  7. =O If you've been playing since classic then you should know all about 'The' Clan. Hopefully you remember, lol. It has been 11 years of ownage though. Anyway I'm pretty sure 'The' is what you're looking for. Even though you're level 103, which is on the lower side of our clan, I don't think you'll have too much problem. Many of our members still train combat even though they're already maxed. I don't understand it :/ but they have fun and they're fun to hang out with. The many skillers and non-combat events we do aren't really for me though. I like pking and warring, which 'The' does about 2 to 4 days out of the week in both free to play and pay to play. I personally love it :^D I wish you would've told me some things about you, then I could've catered a better response. So now the only thing I have left to tell you is that you are perfectly welcome to sit around in our clan chat, even spark a conversation o_O or ask go to an event. Whatever you like to do, I'm pretty sure we have at least one person in 'The' who likes to do it too, no matter how weird >.> Just try us out is all I ask. ^__^ Btw: Do you like ? Click that orange, you know you want to. (: E: something for you. Click the gif in my sig for some nostalgia. ;^D
  8. Do you like ? <---- Click that ;^D It's got some good info :^P Anyway: I'm pretty sure 'The' Clan is what you're looking for. The majority of our members are much older than 12 lol, and act accordingly. I know what you mean when you want a mature clan though... I was once the oldest and most mature person in a clan I used to be in. It was extremely annoying. You wont feel that way in 'The' though, I promise. As for war success, let's just say this: we've been doing this for 11 years and we basically launched the clan world you see around you. If you're ready to be an orange or just want to taste it, then just stop by our clan chat. We'll gladly invite you to some of our many f2p and p2p combat and non combat events, no problem. And if we don't have anything going on, but you want to do something anyway just ask. We'll start a spur! :^D Enough trying to buy you though, I just challenge you to come try us out. That's all. ^__^
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