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  1. RuneScape Name:Zomgkittie I need a member of:Blackarm Quest:heroes When I'll be on:now+ World/Location:w76 atm, so meet me there if you aren't online. How to contact me:pm in game/post, but prefer a PM Zomgkittie. TY Private is on.
  2. I think that whoever wants the runes bad enough should go do the quests/skills if they were to complain about prices. They're easy to kill. ^^ If it's an efficient method to kill the glactyes, then use it @ glacors! :D (I will be using SOA after a few runs of getting used to SS...)
  3. Hello there....see if this is for you. http://forum.tip.it/topic/304882-fail-gaming-pvm/ If not, goodluck! Thanks.
  4. Hello! I'm going to keep this short and sweet, as we aren't the normal clan with extreme in-game clan dedication. We are Fail Gaming PvM. Our goal is to keep it SIMPLE and RELAXED. We want you to do what you want in the game, but rely on us for trusted Boss/PVP Groups & Dungeoneering. As we get bigger, we should constantly have people wanting to group up or at the very least willing to talk to you in the CC all hours of the day. Boss Requirements: There will be certain regulations/requirements for this. Contact me for more information if you would like. Clan Requirements: Register on our Forums. Maturity. Loyalty. Respect. Fun. Simplicity. Note: Forum activity is always a plus...we are a multi-game community, so please explore! Optional Voice-Chat: Mumble. Different than the usual, but it's free. I would like to use this for Dungeoneering. Mumble.failgaming.com PW:Fail IRC: TBA-Not sure if we will use, let me know if you like to use it... Optional Homeworld: 78 Optional Game-Name Prefix: Fail (Ex: Fail Myst) Quick Link(s): Fail Gaming PM In-Game: Fail Myst or Blueberrylol
  5. TOPIC CHANGE: Looking for PVM Clan Currently looking for a PVM clan that suites me best... I am 136+ Oloads/Piety....will be 95 pray/96 sum/80 dung soon...getting 99 slayer first :3...still recruit me if what I desire fits your clan. Looking for: Trusted/Mature...Including the CC being mature...some jokes are okay.. Semi-Dedication...No event requirements, but somewhat active requirements...I can only play nights and weekends...and some nights I like to do my own thing...maybe a scheduled day of the week or two that you all go, and 24/7 weekends would be neat...considering it's big enough.
  6. Lol. I bet pkers are like OOOOH NEW PK SPOT! :D Aby demons do always seem very slow.
  7. Runescape Name: Blessed1777 I need a member of: Whichever Quest: Shield of Arriv...need both soon though. When I'll be on: Most of the time World/Location: Any How to contact me: iMyst or Blessed1777 Posting for my girly...hit us up! :] My AIM is Demonmyst12
  8. Thanks for the clarification. Everyone tells me it's fastest to level in a party so I didn't know. I've only done the skill when it first came out...:]
  9. Sorry Tip.it Mods. If you would like to move my thread to the proper location, that would be nice. Sorry about that!
  10. Ello there. I'm a lvl 135 looking for a dungeoneering clan that efficiently does dungeons. I'm low dungeon at the moment (42), but looking to go up pretty high. Mainly able to play on weekends....week nights sometimes, but I work full time. 123post! :D
  11. Awesome guide! One note though. As someone said before.. Dura gives better exp and better loot which would mean in the long run he is better unless you're trying to get the slayer helmet, banning tasks, and other things asap. Correct? Cause yeah, you can get 6m in 250 tasks or you can make money doing dura+ the slayer point money [if you're smart and buy runes] Just a thought. Happy slaying indeed!
  12. The only thing I have to say about this piece of writing from Tip.it times, is that.... Summoning might be the new thing to turn our eyes to.... But everytime[recently] a new skill is introduced there's only a few things good about it. When I think summoning, I think either a npc that's going to help you hold items, or something to help kill things. The killing thing....50% would go to pking, which we don't really have anymore due to Bounty Hunt being an unfair place at the moment. I do think there's going to be ways around for RWT to figure a way around this & jagex could have did something more if they really tried. Just a note that I'm not a pker or merchant!. Just a 120 that's been playing for 6+ years :] RIP WILDERNESS :[ Hello easy clues Hello easy runecrafting... Hello 100m in lvl 55 wild, wtfm8? :P
  13. I'm level 112 and I got called a noob by a 87... Also I've played almost 6 years.... :-k
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