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  1. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way... Oh yeah, OP might want to remove that line about "Rant" before this gets towed to a subforum. i seen it happen before, putting a hacking virus in one item can be done and has done before i had friends who been attacked and it show to have a certain item that had a virus on it that the person was able to get in their account
  2. if you went into any sites before you left and went to a website outside of rs that can clearly give them your password or you traded with someone you traded with before you took the time off its just have you took the time off if you get a guy that wanted to trade you for stuff he wanted to get rid of basiscally someone who has alot of money can put a hacking virus on one of his items and trade you it which can lead to hacking and removal from items and other stuff it was probably your last trade before you left for a while. just make sure you trust the person you trade and you are friends with
  3. kbd is good for money just use a crossbow and the antifire sheild and plenty of food, some people suggested revenants they said they can drop alot of good stuff
  4. no matter what jagex tried they still kept comin back just need to figure out how to get their ips banned from the game if thats possible
  5. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear):The Obsidian Brotherhood A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized):comin soon A link to your clan's website/forums :http://services.runescape.com/m=clan-home/c=5X9pjAMLTSg/clan/ObsidianBrotherhood A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: comin soon Your Clan Leaders: Gunsmith Man, IlCMLLMClI, Arnljotr Your Clan Initials:tob Your Clan's Main Focus (ie. Warring, Skilling, Pest Control, etc.):quest help, good social clan, events
  6. Hey all, Welcome to my thread, We are a very social friendly and mature clan the loves to hang out and help each other out. We Would love to have Nice ppl that love to be active and talk and do events if you want yall can pm me in game under Gunsmith Man or just join the clan chat as a guest and talk to any of the leaders if you have any questions. We allow 50+ in may change within the next few months. We do allow pures in that have a lvl 65 in any combat skill. see yall later and have fun and be safe Sincerily, Gunsmith Man Owner
  7. Hey all, I been on runescape off and on for bout 7 years and i am new to tip it i been building a good strong character and hoping to become even stronger as the time comes well ttyl have fun and play safe
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