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    Music,playing with my guitar (I just call her miss deed I'm sad naming my guitar :) ) I love going for walks runescape is a hobby I love don't play much theses days ohwell, if you want to know anymore of my interests just pm me :).

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  1. Another thing that really grinds my insides up so much is when its a nice day outside and someone says there's not a cloud in the sky i look up and within 2 seconds i see a cloud is this guy blind or are his eyes painted on.
  2. I made this thread cause i thought why not Song: Star chorus (lostalone) The game is over for me Im leaving at great speed Im floating through space surrounded infinite and safe The star chorus sang With silence I am allied on a peaceful and tranquil tide Future empty lives fall downward to begin their time The star chorus sang take me away Been and gone victim scintillating on the intake This is my way save time losing my shape Feels like Im falling away Born again rapture echoing the cosmic debate This is my way of escaping my place Feels like Im falling away Born again victim echoing the cosmic debate This is my way of escaping my fate Feels like Im falling away. I can relate to this song in many ways it describes how ive felt born again after going through many misery's and eventually ill loose my shape and fade away leaving behind what people want off me not the whole of me.
  3. Salad fingers strokes the wall with his salad fingers 37hp
  4. Fallen_GIGO


    Today was a very good day sun on my face walking around brintons park having a good time was supposed to be at college but thought bugger it, also found out i'm going fishing today on sunday can't believe we have to get up at 4am to go to whitby for fishing well looks like it will be a great day out, also does anyone know if its certain its supposed to snow next month? thats what ive been told anyway.
  5. He will chase you down and strangle you till you take back what you said. its not smart to go to a court room dressed in a slipknot tee shirt and skinny jeans because...
  6. Fallen_GIGO


    My first car was a vw lupo 1.4 e written it off at 33k miles last month pretty devastate about that, my new car is going to be a vauxhall corsa 1.2 16 valve sxi in black 5 door buying at 63k miles it for pretty cheap too i used to keep saying to myself i will never buy a vauxhall cause i hate vauxhall but for the price its being sold to me its an absolute bargain so why not (: .
  7. My favorite pokemon is onyx because he just looks freaking awesome pikachu is pretty cute too.
  8. My favorite pokemon is onyx because he looks so cool when he digs himself into the ground and i also love how simply designed he is
  9. you will have 2 very angry students coming at you with pillow cases full of bars of soap its not smart to play chicken with a sumo wrestler because...
  10. The problems with the english language is just face problems, built from dialects and non of which can be a standard completely, but how can you give a standard to a language with soo many different versions of it that is how i see as a problem and if you want to moan about the language just don't learn it.
  11. Another thing that annoys the [bleep]ing [cabbage] out of me is trying to go to sleep and when you final nod of the alarm goes of and you have to get up i do this every night and honestly its a nightmare.
  12. My survival plan for a zombie attack goes like this. After hearing about the dead rising on the news i will go to the corner shop and steal as much tinned food as possible and make my way back home fill the bathtub full of water along with all the bottles in my house full of water then i will destroy the staircase so nothing can get upstairs without me knowing. if i was to have to fight any zombies my weapon of choice has to be a crow bar doesn't run out of ammo and can be used to open doors along with deadly blows from the weight of the damn thing. if i was to be bitten or infected with the viral outbreak i would kill myself by injecting air into a vain or jumping head first from the roof of my house into a paving slab.
  13. Personally i don't really like kindles because when i had one i could never really get comfy when holding it, reason why i sold the damn thing i love books ive started reading a lot more recently, i don't really know why, but holding a book in my hands is better than holding a soulless kindle because you can really feel yourself being drawn into the book and the feeling of the paper between my fingers as i turn the page unlocks my mind deeper and deeper into a book which gives a extra experience to the read along with the smell of the paper too. Sorry if i went into too much detail but thats how it is.
  14. Fallen_GIGO


    My childhood consisted of water bombs, pokemon, running around the streets non stop 10 pence mix ups and them cheap ice pops that came in a range of pretty colours i also loved cartooons any cartoon at all jonny bravo dexters labortatory ed edd eddy monster cafe was hellish along with the fact i also used to colour in colour books good times with crayons (:
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