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  1. What about battle of lumbridge? Just cosmetic stuff? Currently leveling Divination, seems a bit like runespan expect less afk'able. So I just need the new songs from that quest remake, 99 div and last task set, to get comp back?
  2. Hello. I haven't played runescape at all since mid july; usually I take breaks for 2-3 months every couple of years but now I see the game has changed A LOT in so little time that don't even know where to start. I see a new skill was released and some quests, but I also see a lot of content. I had completionist before leaving, so I know I'll need to max the new skill, do new quests and perhaps some tasks if they added any, but besides that, what else has changed? Can anyone give me a summary of just what is going on with the game right now? Thanks in advance.
  3. Even if it's Lucina? :D Oh my god why did you have to tell me that... Now I realize they will probably add her just so they can say they'll add a female fire emblem lord -.- (same applies to Lyn), ugh...
  4. Can't wait for the rpg rooster; altho it's highly unlikely, I hope they bring back Lucas or at least replace him with other Mother character, either way I sure hope they fix his delays; he was my main in brawl but I never dared to use him on tournaments because of that, even tho 8/10 of the people I beat were completely beatable if I used Lucas. As for fire emblem, jesus christ add Hector or Ephraim already, getting tired of the sword users...
  5. I don't get this. Spending so much money for one game (plus the characters...) and then just leaving it off most of the time? Talk about a huge waste of money... For you. Obviously he can justify the cost for himself. Subjectivity, folks, move along. What she said ^ I'll probably get every character, master each character (which should take some months) and then only play when my friends drop by (which have been waiting for it for about the same time aswell). Not a hard concept when you can afford it.
  6. Getting: Xbox one just for killer instinct (even with the dlc drama going on), altho project spark really got my attention. Other than that, xbox one seems too... restrictive for my taste, I will probably keep it off most of the time. Already have a Wii U so I'll definitely get Smash, Monolith Soft and Bayonetta. Still waiting for them to resurrect some ancient franchise but meh... can't complain. Fell asleep during Sony presentation as usual, too much talk about graphic, engine, etc... details.
  7. Megaman for new SSB. My body wasn't ready for this...
  8. The nostalgia... It's happening!!!!!!! I've been waiting for almost 17 years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsLgU21SPHk
  9. Spicy crab dip: 500 gr crab sticks 200 gr cream cheese 200 gr sour cream 200 gr mayonnaise 6 "heavy" pinches of basil 4 "heavy" pinches of red pepper flakes 4 "heavy" pinches of sliced onions Butter Olive oil 1 Lemon Slice the crab sticks and saute them on a small pan with some butter and olive oil until they are slighty brown. Let them cool off and then ground them trying not to keep big pieces. Mix the grounded crab with the cream cheese and stir, then with the sour cream and stir, and finally with the mayonnaise and stir until it gets fairly consistent. Add the basil and pepper and stir. Proceed to ground the sliced onions and mix with the rest trying to add the juice of the onion. Finally cut the lemon and squeeze one half's juice into the mix and stir. Make the mix as homoginous as possible by using an electric mixer. It has the seviche-like touch, but you also get the creamy taste making for a great dip. It can be served with pretty much anything salty and cracky, from small taco-like snacks to hard bread. Have in mind that this is meant to be done and then eaten shortly after, so I wouldn't let it rest for more than 4 hours. Otherwise it becomes sweet-ish and it will lose its seviche-like flavour, altho it will still taste great. I love to make variations of already existing recipes altho I do have some of my own, same applies to cocktails and bombshots, you'll probably love my variation of the white russian hehehe.
  10. More of the squirrels :) Week 5-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3r9EZXN8UI Week 6-7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZLnlQIo2GY& There's a huge chance that we might have to keep them, I'll keep one and my friend will keep the other one. This is because they're growing too attached to us, they only sleep when they're on our shoulders/chest, and squirrels who can't do the most basics for themselves tend to not survive. Altho they're becoming quite adventurous, as they keep trying to jump off things like tables lol. In the 2nd video they were trying to jump on my shirt, and then move to my shoulders, which is why I keep pulling them back (one was already on my shoulder).
  11. Wait!!!! Pmods still exist? I haven't seen one in ages...
  12. Let me rephrase: just because you receive more seeds per time spent than nests doesn't mean there are more seeds coming into the game than nests *disregarding* how many there are in game due to nests being older content. It works for me, since I'm making the super brews from scratch getting ingredients myself... What does seeds coming into the game have to do with me making brews myself? lol. I'm just saying, seeds (and in result, grapes) will become more common as people get used/add the new methods to get them to their daily rutines, just like it happened with kingdom. Saying an item that just got released is not worth using because of rarity doesn't make much sense, they'll be common enough in time (hell, even if you buy them they will be worth using to some extent).
  13. Of course there aren't, they were just released :P
  14. Errr no, I already have 50-ish flasks and that was from seeds gotten myself. Once prices settle they should be far more common. This can be a lot like managing kingdom before eoc in some ways, since you get 9-ish nests per day, and by the time you realize you have hundreds of brews. It depends on how consistent you are getting the seeds/produce. Not to forget other alternatives, just as it happened with nests. Such as arma gwd + ice strykes, put in line with getting seeds from herblore habitat. I was speaking in terms of Pickpocketing and specifically Dwarf Traders. I may have only done 500k Thieving experience, but 10 Grape seeds and 9 Wishing Well seeds is pretty consistent in terms of similar rarity. And I was talking about the "worth using" part. Rarity vs utility shouldn't be a concern now as they were just released, but judging by the rates I've been getting them, they'll be FAR MORE COMMON than nests, so there will always be enough to make super sara brews (and thus, making them worth using depending on what you're fighting). And this is coming from someone who used sara brews daily before eoc, and never bought a single nest, all came from kingdom + slayer + bossing. Shouldn't come as a surprise if they make gano beasts drop them, among other slayer monsters.
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