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  1. Plus if time is an issue, the player could always use a faster, more expensive method; if cash is an issue, they could use a cheaper but slower method. I'm not sure what exact methods gemeos uses for his calculator, but there are plenty of skills where this trade-off can be effectively made. For example, in terms of saving cash, doing extreme defence pots rather than overloads for, say, 150m herb xp would save 1.75B while still giving a decent xp rate.
  2. Some others: 2w 4b 1a 14c - 1.004B 120 cb Tibupoeg - 1.008B 136cb Jetys1 - 1.019B 137cb Uloveme also had over 1b xp at 134 cb
  3. On a side note, how often do monsters drop spins? And does it vary based on what you are killing? In other words should spin rate be considered with regards to choosing what to kill/slayer tasks to do? Obviously it's probably still too early to know the details, but people should have a vague idea of these two things by now I would have thought.
  4. Shame we can't see for sure who has or has not bought spins, other than for the ones who are making it obvious. IMO anyone who buys them doesn't deserve a mention in this thread as they basically cheated for their stats.
  5. £20k donations 4 200m all skills pl0x?
  6. Only thing about this issue that I care about.
  7. Does anyone else have 2 other than: ldy princess danstool5 islam truth (aka lover romeo) jebrim (assuming you count wc, fish, rc, mine, agility and slay as the slow stats) edit: by that definition suomi has 4... so what are you counting?
  8. Anyone know how this person got their troll a name like that lol?
  9. 42k fish xp/hr with no aura and urns. That's 110 successfull chances per hour. You have 1200 chances per hour. 10% of it (10% aura) is 120. 110+120= 230 Each rocktail fish is 380 xp 230*380= 87400 xp/hr with no urns. If you add urns 87400*1.2=104880 fishing rocktail xp/hr with 10% aura and urns. Each tier 4 aura, will take 10 months to get because of points. Max points per month is 15k and we only get 11k yet. So Dragonseance plan will take 40 months to get all auras. If you get 110/1200 catches (9,166% success) and the aura increases 'fishing roll' by 10% you will catch 10% more fish, since your success rate is under 50% you can simply multiply that. I think it's unlikely they upped the chance for a resource by ten percent points. Unless someone's done testing and found that they got that much extra xp/hr, I'd assume it's not worth fishing rocktails. According to dragonseance, he (or clanmates) tested 3% aura and got 55480 xp/hr. 55480/380=146 fish/hr 0.03*1200=36 Original rate is 110 fish/hr so it's confirmed. I've obtained more than that in an hour before now with no aura.
  10. Although of course the range and mage wouldn't get you 200m hits xp.
  11. uk 41% increase us 34% increase euro 17% increase at current exchange rates: uk £4.95 = euro 5.89 = us $7.69
  12. shame that what that video ACTUALLY shows is 6 mins to set up the logs then 2.5 minutes with char book That's 8.5 mins for 100254 xp, which is 707k xp/hr, excluding the time to get back to what you were doing beforehand.
  13. psst kingduffy and elvis are the wrong way round :P
  14. Haven't the last 2 rooms changed slightly since zarfot was around anyway?
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