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  1. Been buys lately with school work. but I managed to get this.
  2. Thanks :) Ill stop here with dunge for now since my meele stats are 2 low and takes forever to kill some of the bosses solo. (specifically rammernaut) Back to my original plan of getting 85 cooking with all those lobsters.
  3. Fished enough lobsters which will get me 85 cooking: Fishing all those lobsters got me this as well: Next up, I will be dungeoneering so I can take advantage of the double xp weekend. :)
  4. Next update when I have fished 22k lobsters.
  5. So this didn't take as long as I thought it would, Also dat cape, And just a little loot that I banked in the early levels,
  6. Thanks, I'll try to update this as frequently as I can. :) Glad you like it :grin:. As for slayer I won't start anytime soon, since I plan on completing some task sets so I can benefit the daily rewards such as the daily flax from seers, low/high alchemy from explorers ring etc... (but yes I will save my food for when I do start to slay) Oh yeah this came as surprise, didn't even notice my total level For now I'm getting hunter up to level 69 for a hard Varrock task which will get me a nice spottier cape.
  7. Got 50 wc for mahogany trees since I need them for a Varrock task,
  8. Last 2 days wasn't able to log in since there was some bug after the dominion tower update. Anyways I did some quests such as Jungle Potion and Dig Site, which then I got 50 kudos to complete a varrock task. Also 49 magic through a lamp I got from cleaning finds in the museum,
  9. Thank you! And now after cooking all those fish I got this, So next ill be completing most tasks that I can with my current levels around Lumby and Varrock.
  10. Ah finally, :cool: and the fruits of my labor, The gems and half key where from looting all the caskets that you get while big net fishing, and also 15k coins not shown here. Now I can get into fishing guild by making a fish pie to boost by 3 levels, and I guess I should cook all these fish so they don't stink my bank. :)
  11. So there's a riot a t w66 about the golden scythe... ,
  12. Nice blog and good luck on you goals. :) I feel sorry for Elvarg though :(
  13. I don't even have a mime mask so this one will do :)
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