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  1. Gladz started with around 210-220 people and Ds had around 145. Gladz won after about 45 mins-1 hr I believe. Thanks for the fight, hope we do it again in the near future 8) I'll be sure to return the favor Td and Sa :lol:
  2. theres been an auto skull bug for as long as i can remember
  3. actually, for your information we also warred RR, when we wernt even ranked top 15, and they were ranked top 10...
  4. 1.Di 2.Zf 3. td 4. gladz 5. Ds 6. bk 7. rr 8. mk 9. anarchy 10. rob and john's law rune shop
  5. if hes so honourable why does he constantly flame ds for no reason at all?
  6. kav, do you know how hard it is to find people in a dot of 399 options? they logged right on top of our dot at the time kt came running in. and do you expect us to break our dot to search for some noob war crasher dont think so. and if he was with us why did we attack him while the war was going on? the newb teleported from us so get your facts straight please.
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