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  1. Will edit them now so you can read it properly. <3 Have edited it, enjoy.
  2. Friend had to go to work. Tried solo'ing. WAS SO F****** HARD OMFG.
  3. OH quick question, How exactly would I solo ?>.> I don't know how the whole rune throwing axe fits into the equation.
  4. FFA as it will be easier to find an empty world; We will be splitting the loot though. :) And really? I guess I'd rather have a higher chance of a Z ring than a Dragon Dagger. :P
  5. I'll be fine Jadinko . :P I'd rather have a higher chance at a Zerker ring etc than the mage bonus. I don't plan to stay for long and I will be constantly watching my health. So don't worry. :) And thanks so much Quyneax, you were very helpful. <3
  6. I don't have the time for the Dunge haha. I do have a Fire Cape, but was told a god cape would be better. As for the gear, would that be a more.. Stable gear set-up? Ancient magicks - I'd spend a little bit more on that as I would COG'ing wouldn't I?
  7. Maybe it would help knowing that I'm running off of a 13m bank. My stats: Knowing that info - will this gear work ;p I will change up the crystal bow if a cheaper option (Msb you said) is better/just as good.
  8. Will this gear and inv set-up work at a Dagganoth King duo?
  9. I tried this once. ONCE. I hated myself far too much in the morning to do it again to myself. Oh okay then haha. :P
  10. Well, my brother has been dating an indian girl for the past 10 months. They're going fine, they're happy and just like any other couple. The colour of the skin should NEVER contribute towards the feelings you have. After all, it's what's on the inside that matters. :)
  11. For sleeping - make sure you're in a comfortable spot, this will hopefully relax you more. For waking up - Put your alarm over the other side of the room , as when it goes off you'll HAVE to get up to turn it off.
  12. "Nek Minnit" People who replace, remove or add unnecessary letters to words. Example; "Yhuu ah so qorqeous baybeh" Rap music, judgemental I know, but I hate rap with a passion. Drama queens. Girls with hourglass bodies. (I know it's not their choice, but I hate them.) Over use of make-up when they look fine without it. High pitched girls voices... AGAIN I know they don't chose how their voices sound, but it annoys me. People who don't know the difference between their, they're and there. I have plenty of annoyances but I can't be bothered to post it.
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