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  1. Shoutouts TR - Thanks for the fight, shame about the outside interference. DF - Thanks for the AC. Solace - l0l
  2. Memberlists || #CoR @ SwiftIRC || Forums Hello Tip.It! Today we had a fight against TCL. Both clans agreed to battle with the following rules: All Styles 06 snipers SPD <> GDZ Dg ON COR OFF The fight started pretty even with both clans doing their bests until we took the leading and never looked back. We had more numbers and with a great organization it wasn't hard to make TCL struggle around the wilderness. They did some reagroups and started to show back into the fight sometimes but not even only of their attempts was good enough and they had to reagroup again. Corruption Starting: 141 opts TCL Starting: 120~ opts Corruption Ending: 153 opts -- 165 full ending TCL Ending: 105 opts Kill and Death Ratio:
  3. http://forum.tip.it/topic/304658-the-corruption-clan/
  4. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist | Tip.it Recruitment Topic So, we had a 60 minute cap rematch against Hell Army set up for today! Corruption starting: 87 options Hell Army starting: 131 options (128 + that guy south a square) The fight started off and we were killing HA as quickly as they were able to kill us even though we were outnumbered by quite a few people. As the time went on, we fought back and forth evenly while being outnumbered the entire time and slowly gained people to take over. Halfway through the fight, we jumped in performance and transitioned through Hell Army's callers, leaving them disorganized and causing them to regroup. We began to 1-hit everything in sight and our members did a great job of tanking until the cap came to an end. We strolled around and found Hell Army at south of spiders, then compared endings. Corruption ending: 99 options Hell Army ending: 105 options Then, they spammed "we win" and something in foreign and rushed us, so we piled them back and cleared them from the world rather quickly. Corruption ending: 105 options, didn't bother waiting for returners. KDR Outnumbered from start to finish and we had a dominant KDR, excellent job today Corruption. Thanks for the fight, HA.
  5. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist | Tip.it Recruitment Topic Roughly a week ago, we had a fight set up against Forsaken for today. A few days ago they asked for the fight to start roughly 15 minutes earlier than before. Sorry for being late by 10 minutes, blame Jay. Corruption starting: 114 Options (40 on TeamSpeak) Forsaken starting: 168 Options (56 on TeamSpeak?) We started off really slow since we had a few less people than Forsaken and our callers were slacking. They were able to continuously rush us and kill our fall-in leaders quickly while their members tanked. As we gained to around 50 on TeamSpeak, Forsaken had 54 and we managed to pick up our performance halfway through the cap. Near the last 10-20 minutes, we jumped numbers to 55 and began to transition through Forsaken easily. We were kind of distracted by some stupid open cc team trying to kill Jay but we quickly cleared them and got back to fighting Forsaken. Most Forsaken members died instantly and our members began to pick up their tanking. After a short transition spree by Steve near west light, the time elapsed and we took our endings. Corruption ending: 132 Options (165 at mossies) (55 on TeamSpeak) Forsaken ending: 114 Options (52 on TeamSpeak) The KDR was in Forsaken's favour; I believe we had 110 kills & 150 deaths. Forsaken, obviously, had the opposite. Thanks for the fight Forsaken, it was enjoyable. Decent job today Corruption, numbers let us down at the beginning of the fight. Glad we picked it up near the end.
  6. How can you clear us when we already ended? Lol... Good job on killing some CORs***
  7. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist | Tip.it Recruitment Topic Hello Tip.It! Today, Collision approached us asking for a two hours prep. We agreed to fight with the following rules: COR x COL 6h00 EST starting All Styles 5 snipers capp 1 hour capp Corruption starting: 42 ts Collision starting: around 90 opts or something We rushed Collision at the top of spiders and our fight started. Due to our numbers advantage, we quicly took the control and didn't showed back. After 10 minutes of fight Collision realized they couldn't compete with us and decided to call it off. Corruption ending: 45 ts Collision ending: 25~30 ppl on mossies KDR We had good numbers so we decided to go out and see if we find some action. After hop to world 29, we started off by killing some randomers and looters. So we hit LS, forcing them to run to mossies and just after we hitted Envy, forcing them to log out. We killed some more randomers / looters and after we realized that no clan out could give us a fight and we decided to end. KDR Thanks for the clean fight COL, Envy and LS and thanks for the rune randomers of world 57 ^.^ 2 kills no deaths.
  8. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist | Tip.it Recruitment Topic We had a couple of CWA fights against Pure Hatred since we had nothing better to do because we all love playing RuneScape so much. Corruption starting: 21 people Pure Hatred starting: 24 people Most of our foreigners had already gone to bed since it was like 11 PM for them, so we started down a few people. We had an early disconnection so that didn't really help, but our performance was good. We took an early lead and kept a 2-3 kill lead throughout. PH caught up for a while but we quickly turned that around by keeping the fight around the middle and transitioning through their blasters & rangers. We gained some people and managed to build a 7 kill lead before the 30 minutes was up. Corruption kills: 66 Pure Hatred kills: 59 Then we had a matched fight set up. Corruption starting: 26 people Pure Hatred starting: 26 people Both first piles got killed nearly instantly, but then a PH member tanked us for a bit to give them a 2 kill lead after they 1-hit a couple of people. From there, our performance picked up and people began to drag PH around, tying up the war & then giving us a lead that we kept until PH left. The pull was pretty bad but I don't really blame people for going to sleep, good performance to those of you that were there. Thanks for the fight PH.
  9. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist We had a 90 minute cap fight set up against TCL today. We had a really slow mass but we managed to gain quite a few people with a few minutes to go and went to rush TCL on top of spiders. Corruption starting: 99 options The Call of Legends starting: 35 on TeamSpeak? After a few kills, we began to transition through TCL despite having less people and managed to control the west side of the fight, giving us a dominant lead over TCL. We kept TCL's returners dead and rushed their pile every time we saw them. After around 60 minutes of repeating this, we started to apply extra pressure and continuously rushed TCL at every chance we got. TCL gained to near 45 on TeamSpeak and we stayed steady at just under 40. After a few last piles by both sides, we took our endings. Corruption ending: ~99 options? The Call of Legends ending: 102 options, picture below: KDR of the fight - TCL's is off due to them being a country clan: Random pictures: Thanks for the fight TCL. Excellent performance despite being outnumbered, Corruption. Keep it up.
  10. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist I'm not sure who approached who for the fight but anyway we agreed to the following rules with CR: Start: 5:30 PM EST / 10:30 PM GMT 90 Minute Cap - PvP PKRI Spiders -> Greater Demons All Styles Corrupt: OFF Dung: ALLOWED 7 Sniper Cap Fight started off with both clans clashing to the east of spiders. From the start we took control, I remember after about 30 minutes of fighting someone told me we had 50 kills and 25 deaths. After announcing that on ts our atmosphere was electric, people were going ape and wanting to push even more. We kept the pressure on, forcing CR to the east while we cleaned returners and rushed them whenever we felt like it. In all fairness we controlled 95% of the fight, without being biased. The KDR pretty much shows how the fight went down. To be fair to CR, a few PH were annoying them by spamming over them and CL killed a few of them when they were getting together. Props to noobsaibot for his tanking, guys a beast. Thanks for the fight CR Random pics: Corruption starting: Crimson Raiders starting: 105 options Corruption ending: Crimson Raiders ending: 49 on ts I got told, frenchfry gave us the win. Their ending "pile" is screenied in the spoiler
  11. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist On Tuesday, We approached WL for a fight in the almighty wilderness. Knowing Friday was usually a off day, we still became impressed with our pull. A very mad clan decided it would be funny to crash us. In the end if was Eos getting deported back to single. Goodjob everyone. Corruption Starting: 96 Opts Wilderland Starting: 120 Opts Corruption Ending: 120 Opts Wilderland Ending: 105 Opts Before we decided to call to a draw. Eos became mad as [bleep] and massed like 20-25 people and still got cleared from the wilderness by us and WL. Pictures of the Fight Thanks Wilderland for the fight. Keep trying Eos lmfao.
  12. Thanks for the fight, could not attend this one.
  13. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist So we planned an pk trip today but we could not get too much opts, due to the time being a bit late for our GMTers. So Envy came around asking for a CLW fight and we accepted with the following rules: 2 Rounds CWA R1: 30 Minute CWRI R2: Matched All Styles Corrupt OFF Dung ALLOWED Rings ALLOWED No Sniping ~~Run In~~ We quickly gained to 28 people after the picture was taken so we dominated them throughout, not much to say apart from good job. ~~Matched~~ Our first pile tanked us through trees like an idiot but we still kept the fight even early and took a lead around 20-20 and never looked back. They were being annoying and decided to stay until they killed Kingler but he was too powerful. 14-0 ending, didn't get a picture. Thanks for the clean fight Envy!
  14. Forums | #CoR @SwiftIRC | Memberlist Corruption vs The Rising So we had a planned fight against TR today. The fight was pretty even with both clans doing well, until eos decided to crash our fight. Corruption starting: 165 options The Rising starting: 165 options Corruption ending: The Rising ending: Cheers for the fight, it both agreed to a draw due to ending opts being so close. Corruption + The Rising vs Echo Of Silence Fight started off when EoS decided to rush The Rising for no reason. We were pretty keen to fight back, action is action after all. After about 2 minutes EoS were regrouping for the first time at spiders. We decided to hop and resume Corruption + The Rising on a different world due to the previous world having DF vs VR on it. EoS hopped after us and tried to crash once again. After about 2 minutes, once again, EoS were regrouping. The clanworld knows how EoS' regrouping strategies go so I'll just sum up what/where they did/went: New gate > mass run through to piper > back to east mossies > run up to south spiders > run to gdz > back to new gate > back to corp (repeat this over an hour period) before finishing off by sitting at 13 altar and regrouping there. You can claim a win or whatever with your 45 opts at 13 altar, we've got better things to do on a Sunday night, cheers for the free rune. Corruption starting: The Rising starting: Echo Of Silence starting: 120 opts? Corruption + The Rising ending: Echo Of Silence ending: 45 opts at 13 altar
  15. Today, we battled Team Extermination in the clan wars arena! Originally, the fight was meant to begin at 5:30 PM EST but we gave Extermination an extra 15 minutes so they could pull a few more people. Round 1 Corruption starting: 37 people with 2-3 people on Extermination's side. Team Extermination starting: 30 people Although we started with a few more people than Extermination, they did a good job of keeping the fight close for the first few piles until we took a lead thanks to brilliant tanking and transitions. As they gained people and actually began to outnumber us, we got to work and extended our lead despite being down a few people. A consistent performance resulted in us finishing with a solid kill advantage. Round 2 Our first pile got messed up and managed to pre-tank because Jay Jay is an idiot, so we ended up down a person early. Some good KOs managed to give us a lead until B0rntowildy proved why he's our biggest spastic by clicking his world map and somehow logging out of the world, making the war even. From there, we fought closely until we pulled away at 10-9 or so and had a monster tank by Too (through the trees, yes son) at 8-5, at which point Extermination decided to leave. Thanks for the fights, Team Extermination. Good job today Corruption, keep it up.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32lnhr-Ocko&feature=player_embedded
  17. Nothing new except the end of the bots.
  18. Hiscores are there to show the stats of every player, it's called high hiscores for a reason. Lets say someone get 200m in all skills and after that he quits the game, he will end being inactive and he will be removed from the hiscores. That's stupid, this should be like a guiness book, where players get high stats and get ranked according to their XP / total level. No point on removing inactive players, but maybe removing low-ranked players, or having a min level to get ranked on hiscores (1500 total level for example) would work better than this system.
  19. You need 99 summon before you can get eggs as drops.
  20. •About Corruption The Corruption Clan was created on 04/07/2003 by Pure Knights, Mortamus, Clever Ninja and Sekalodnal. We have been competing inside the top 5/10 from our birth right up until now. We are longest and largest standing clan who is still inside the top 10 and never closed before. No other clan in RuneScape has been through as much as us and lived to tell the tale. Corruption is one of the oldest clans still alive in RuneScape, we fought against many clans and and we went through good and bad times. We have an very friendly and nice community, if you're looking for an old clan with an great and formidable community, Corruption is the right clan for you! •What you can expect in Corruption Corruption is one of the most active clans in RuneScape. Our main events are based on PKs, PvP run ins and clan wars, both F2P and P2P (mainly F2P), but we have many diverse types of events, such fun events that includes "the last man standing" and interclan fights. Sometimes we do PvM trips like GWD and Corp trips aswell, not to mention other games we play (haxball, LoL, et cetera). We have an active TeamSpeak where our members can talk, discuss and laugh, certain one of the most actives TeamSpeaks in Runescape just like our IRC channel where our members and guests can talk with each other. We are serious when it comes to fights and striving to the best but we like to do it while having as much fun as possible. Our members loyalty, attitudes and sense of humor carried our community through these years and helped us to win many fights we thought we were going to lose. Our clan is based mainly around EST and GMT timezones but we have people from every timezone and almost every country, there are no clans in Runescape that can rival Corruption's - in both activity and variety. •Officials Corruption have a very dedicated and loyal leadership. Our current ranked members: Jay_Jay665 Anarchal Pk Fast993 Sh0w Alex Desapox Subzero0190 Kasey Tim •Requirements to join Corruption We expect our members to be loyal to the clan and active. They must respect every single member of the clan and help others when they need, if they are able to. To join Corruption, you must complete the Future Application system. This system was created to test your activity and loyalty before you become a member. It's easy to get it done but it will depend of your activity and interest. There are some requirements you must have before you can start: •STEP ONE: Introduction There are no requirements for this step. You can post your introduction at any level and get to know the clan while you train. If you meet the requirements to being a FA you will able to apply 24 hours after you post your introduction. Here is where you post a bit about you to our members. Make sure you fill the form and read all the pinned topics before you make your introduction. NOTE: You must have registered at our forums to make an introduction. You can register at http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?app=core&module=global§ion=register LINK: http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?/forum/104-introductions/ •STEP TWO: Future Application Requirements -112+ F2P Combat -20+ Pking sets -1+ referrals -Introduction posted for at least one day -Both IRC and TeamSpeak 3 downloaded in your computer Topic: http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?/topic/62077-requirements/ Basically, this step is where you show you have all items and requirements to join Corruption. You will be accepted as a Future Applicant when you meet these requirements listed above. LINK: http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?/forum/50-future-applications-open/ •STEP THREE: Member's Application Requirements -115+ F2P Combat -6+ referrals -100 or more post counts -10 or more events as an FA Topic: http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?/topic/62087-member-requirements/ This is where our members will judge you. You will be put into voting when you meet all these requirements listed above. You will be judged according to your loyalty, activity and dedication. You can get accepted as a official member, declined and extended. When you get accepted you will be given the Member rank and you will finally become a part of Corruption. If you get declined, there must be a reason for that happen, probably because you didn't put enough effort or you didn't take our clan seriously. You will be able to re-intro in a week (7 days). Extended is basically a second chance to show your dedication, after a certain amount of events you will be put into voting again and this time you won't have a chance to be extended again. Link: http://corruption-clan.com/index.php?/forum/272-member-applications-open/ ~ Pictures and Youtube Videos ~ Corruption Promo Video Corruption -vs- DF Corruption -vs- RoT Corruption -vs- VR Corruption -vs- DI Corruption -vs- EH ~ Informations ~ Forums: http://corruption-clan.com/ Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=corr IRC: #CoR @SwiftIRC
  21. Good luck finding your clan, as you're looking for a friendly skilling clan I cannot suggest Corruption to you, we're friendly but not skilling.
  22. You must have time or you will spend too many years of your life doing that... Good luck.
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