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  1. Hi guys, have got a bit done today. Completed a few quests: Stolen Hearts Diamond in the Rough Gertrude's Cat Icthlarin's Little Helper Smoking Kills The main reason was for Slayer. From these quests I also got a level: Now off to do a Black Demon task!
  2. Hey everyone, Today I started branching out a bit from just doing Cooking. Although I'm so close to 99, I'm really getting bored of cooking, plus I'm not in a rush to get it. So I thought I'd add some variety by doing a bit of Herblore (got lvl 69) and Slayer (no level but made a bit of cash from a run.) Picture of the drops from the task below. I've got nothing on this evening so I'm going to be doing more Slayer. Will keep you posted. Crumplezone
  3. Keep at it, you've done pretty incredibly considering you've only had your account a month.
  4. Congratulations on your achievements, you're clearly very efficient when you put you mind to a task! Have seen you on the FC in-game so will give you a shout out when I'm next online. Good luck with your goals :)
  5. Did no one consider the James Bond series to be in the top 3 or 5? Just sayin.... Congrats on your achievements and good luck on your goals. PS you can't go wrong with Die Hard or Star Wars. Episode 1 FTW
  6. Good luck on 200M Slayer XP. Wish I had as much patience as you!
  7. Congratulations on all of your levels. Good luck on maxing, I'm sure it won't take you too much longer :D
  8. Congratulations on your levels, and happy belated birthday. Good luck with your goals :)
  9. My bad Kaida, I forgot how the bumping system worked as this is my first post since using the forums last in 2006.
  10. Hedgehog, I'm in a vocal quartet. We had a record deal with Universal but like with most artists we didn't get to release our first album, though we now have the rights to it so we're releasing it ourselves. We do mainly covers of anything ranging from Ed Sheeran to The Beatles, Nat King Cole to Radiohead, Calvin Harris to R. Kelly. Basically anything we think of we arrange ourselves and sing. P.S. If you're genuinely interested in what we sing, check out our YouTube channel here - http://www.youtube.com/user/pennyarcadequartet?feature=mhee
  11. MY CURRENT GOAL: Hi everyone, I thought I'd create a blog of my progress through RuneScape as I now play it quite a lot. [spoiler=About Me][spoiler=Real-Life Me]In real life, I'm 20 years old and a student at University in London studying Music. However I decided to take a year out of my studies so I could try and pursue a career in music, being in a band (I'm a singer). Although my pursuit of a career went well, I'm going back to University in September, but I will still carry on with my band as we're all staying in London. Enough about me, let's move onto more relevant information! [spoiler=Early Runescape]I started playing RS from 2001, a few months after it started. I had another account and used to play it all the time, and by 2005 I had a level 126 with 1700+ total level (if I remember right). However my account got hacked and I lost everything, as the hacker changed my security questions and password. I started playing again last year just to see what had changed and if it was still as fun to play as I remembered, and I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, enough about the past, more about the present! Here are my stats [spoiler=My Stats] Stats at the start: (This photo was taken on February 13th, a few days after I started the blog - I forgot to take one!!) Stats now: As you can see, I've already got a few 99s, Mage and Range both coming before EOC so it was much easier to train. 99 WC was achieved by me watching almost all of NCIS at the same time as cutting ivy! [spoiler=My Goals] I want to increase my total xp and number of 99s more than anything at the moment (more than total level), so I thought I'd get the so-called 'easy' ones out of the way so I can concentrate on the more difficult ones. Currently I have 99 Cooking, Fletching and Firemaking banked. Pictures of my bank (which aren't impressive at all) to follow. Another goal which I've been meaning to work towards for a long time now, is that of completing most quests. I have the required levels to complete almost all of them and yet I've still got hardly any of them completed. It's the little things like Fairy Ring transportation that I miss from my old account, so I'll be working to complete a quest every day I log on. Realistically I think I can achieve all of these goals within a couple of months if I play for a couple of hours a day - Today (10th February) I've achieved nearly 2 million cooking xp, so I'm well on track to get 99 cooking, probably within the next week or so. [spoiler=Bank Pics] [spoiler=10th February 2013] [spoiler=Levels] [spoiler=Cooking] 90 Cooking achieved - 10th February 2013: 91 Cooking achieved - 14th February 2013: 92 Cooking achieved - 14th February 2013: 93 Cooking achieved - 15th February 2013: 94 Cooking achieved - 16th February 2013: 95 Cooking achieved - 16th February 2013: 96 Cooking achieved - 17th February 2013: [spoiler=Herblore] 69 Herblore achieved - 17th February 2013: [spoiler=Slayer] 56 Slayer achieved - 17th February 2013: [spoiler=Slayer Log]1. Fungal Mage - 113. No notable drops. Approx 110k cash made from selling drops. 2. Black Demons - 167. Currently in progress. [spoiler=Diary] 10th February 2013 - Blog created 8-) - Spent all day lying in bed (hungover) and cooking raw swordfish. Managed to cook 14,000 in one day which I think is quite impressive. Now just 16k monkfish, 3.6k shark and 17.3k rocktail and I'll have 99 cooking! - Achieved 90 Cooking 11th February 2013 - Started cooking but instantly got bored so decided to try Slayer/Melee for the first time since EOC came out. Exciting times! - Achieved 71 Strength in only a couple of hours! Definitely going to do more of it! 12-13th February 2013 - Went on a mini-tour with my band so didn't get chance to play at all. I have nothing tomorrow so I'm planning to relax and play RuneScape all day. Hopefully I can get 75 Strength and/or 91/92 Cooking. 14th February 2013 - looks like today is going to be a cooking day. I woke up late but have already managed to cook over 2k monkfish. Ended up cooking about 6k today. - Achieved 92 Cooking today, woop! 15th February 2013 - Again, today is going to be a cooking day. I have 5600 monkfish to cook until 94, then 3600 sharks to 95. I may be able to get them all done today. - Managed to get 93 Cooking and about halfway to 94. 16th February 2013 - Achieved 94 Cooking, so now onto cooking sharks. Will get the 3.6k cooked and move onto Rocktails tonight. - Achieved 95 Cooking 8-) - Decided to do a couple of quests as I was bored of cooking. Completed Demon Slayer and Eagle's Peak. They're both very easy, but I need to get all the novice ones out of the way, then I'll work my way up to the harder ones :) 17th February 2013 - no real plans for today so I'm aiming to get 96 Cooking, 70 Herblore and 70 Firemaking. We shall see! - Achieved 96 Cooking and 69 Herblore - Managed to get a few quests done too in order to do Smoking Kills. I want to level my Melee and Slayer so thought I should do it.
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