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  1. this post lacks logos, the poll last two weeks, suomis party is in 8 days.
  2. So who's the first to 200m all skills on 07scape since we know the nostalgiafgts will vote at least 50k, no offence btw just annoying, community of 07 is what you miss, not the gameplay.
  3. I hope jagex isn't [bleep]ing serious, this whole idea is a [bleep]ing joke.
  4. You used Fly's chat too? Did you remember me from back then? yes, i still talk to tommitank occasionally and i haven't seen skilded or sleepy ina LONG time, but a few others like jerome and dippy i talk to quite often.
  5. Congrats S U O M I !! I remember back in the days in 'flyboyjs' fc when you would come and visit and you were getting 200m fishing at barbarian and from then on i started watching your exp gains grow, in fact, your 200m fishing was the first 200m party i ever attended and looking back i'd hate to admit attending a 200m party but it was such a great accomplishment then. During that party i remember you getting 200m and then instantly teleing to start your next skill, little did anyone know (especially me) this was a thing known as efficiency, (using little game time as possible while gaining the maximum exp possible, and from then i was inspired, not only to gain the most exp possible and push my limits but to gain it in the most effective manner pertaining to my everyday life. Looking back i feel like Zarfot modernized the efficient game-play style, but you, S U O M I, took it to the next level, (currently i'm lost as to why i'm writing so much this is unlike me but i will continue [LoL]), and for that reason you,in my opinion, have not only earned your spot donations or not, but have really become the first person in RS history to be named a true legend. So to wrap this wall of text up i'd like to say goodluck on whatever you decide to complete next as I know you are capable of doing whatever you wish with your dedication and commitment, and seeing that nobody else has posted this and even though with new skills and methods coming out it will most likely be irrelevant by next year, i would like to post S U O M I 's final exp/h as this by far is the next most impressive thing imo of S U O M I 's 5b exp goal. S U O M I 's Final Xp/H = 178,037 xp/h. CONGRATS I HOPE I AM ABLE TO ATTEND!!
  6. 30 hours are about optimal sample time.
  7. I like how you compared your exp gains to mine after you maxed all the while botting..lol
  8. sad why do they insist on removing methods that take effort and reward you for that effort with better rates, this is what the game needs not the methods jagex has been fond on releasing...
  9. My Kingz is the highest ranked trimmed completionist player, #1.
  10. Span+Halo 3 woop

  11. Well, didn't they say that they will improve Agility? Maybe AgiSpan? And Mining will obviously be faster after the EoC. How is it faster? If anything it's more sustainable, and that's about it. And to add, it's quite a disappointment, but i remember going to his 200m fishing party back when i was first getting started and just to have witnessed the progression of him and his account is astounding, and I am glad to have been able to witness such a feat regardless of the outcome.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjwLtzY52lI
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