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  1. 2 tabs of porn, nice. Pornoscape
  2. LOL is it because I passed 2x max cash? LOL broke the highscores... legendary.
  3. Both green and drumgun are over 1400 days. everyone else is below 1200 that is relevant, i believe s diamant y and maybe some cwer that i dont recall have more than 1200. That being said there are only about 16 accs confirmed to have 1k days. 8-El Popo1 9-S Diamant Y From Chilly's thread about the matter on HLF How can you confirm the playtime of F2P'ers? And that's a lot of playtime for their xp. Nearly makes me feel efficient L. They posted on the thread before they went inactive so they were member...
  4. At 3*5 magic trees a day and 1.6*6 palms, you can get about 311781xp per day, add in a calquat a day and a spirit tree every now and then from miscellanian nests, and you could get to 10M xp per month, you just have to be able to shift around your daily schedule to be able to log in whenever your trees are grown... If you do livid farm or vinesweeper you can easily pass 10m months. no
  5. There you go. :) It's a bit old post since I haven't been posting here much lately. Thanks. 777 posts ;o
  6. Why is he even mentioned in this thread lmfao. People were talking about him a couple of weeks ago, wether he could get all his skills to 200m or if it is his goal. Now he pretty much confirmed that he is going to get 200m in all skills. No. Saying that you will get 200m all and actually get it it's a completely different situation. Besides that, how can even anyone think that Blocks is able to get it if he didn't do anything else beside training fast skills? That's ridicolous. Sounds hypocritical when you say the same thing and are doing fast skills at the same time also. You can't really compare prayer training with runners to plundering, yes it's fast exp but still way more effort.
  7. Why is he even mentioned in this thread lmfao.
  8. Actually 1 click per 5min method aka soul wreiths are about 63k p/h is what i've found. post node decrease ofc.
  9. I did a 5 hour sample and got 1k pts/h along with ~91k xp/h going for yellow wizards and doing all nodes on path to wizard nebula and up, also afking the two soul esswreiths east of bone ladder.
  10. I determined he was shit when he started chinning to 200m range exp, everyone knows range experience is worthless lol, not to mention buyables will only get you so far on the highscores.
  11. Effigies may be gone but maybe zarfot return? :D:D plzplz.
  13. I heard they named a food after me. ON TOPIC: woop just got 99 fish for max cape time for 120 dg ;D
  14. Crawlers for 200m range/black demons for 200m combats and atm he's getting champ scrolls for trimmed comp. He wanted me to add that he got 6 different champion scrolls yesterday.
  15. Ffa cave crawling for max efficiency #efficiency experts.
  16. How can you criticise with your yak and sw cape at abby specs.
  17. HI guys do you guys like my effigy tree?
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