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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. This is Cino, the fat lazy runescapian ninja cat. 12 weeks old now (they grow up so fast). During the day he refuse to sleep anywhere else then on my chest. He loves his ping-pong bal (how he can pick that up i have no idea :blink: ) *sleeping*
  3. Hey I just noticed that the Burthorpe area is back to the "old" map. Don't know where to post so i do it here :)
  4. oh my. *Starts stalking*

  5. I live in Norway and got the same problem. Everyone I know has the same prob. The one day I actually spent doing something useful i real life and Rs is down when I sit down to play -.-
  6. In the quest "hunt for red raktuber, it says; Click the wrench and then click the panel to open it. Click the wire cutters and then click the open wire box to cut the green and red wires. Use the spare wire on the wires. Use the tape on the wires to connect the ends. Use the bellows on the pump. It should say "use the bellows on the pipe"
  7. Grim Tales; . "Return the golden goblin to Syras and he will tell you to chop the beanstalk down to prevent further giants from coming to the ground". this is one of the last lines in the quest guide, and it should be Sylas, not Syras [Crew Edit: Fixed this and you have been credited, changes should go live soon, thanks :) also welcome to tip.it! ~Oct]
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