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  1. True that "Having fun" is a major criteria, however - the defination of "fun" is quite subjective and easily influential. People nowdays seem to strive for 'more challenging' games, with a high number of players (were their friends are likely to play) and they define it as "fun". Repeating the same exact basic thing over and over for thousands or millions of times - Is not so "fun" to most people. (unless you're a robot).
  2. "Is RS still as popular as before ?" Short answer is No. Runescape has seen it's glory days, most likely due to the fact that the technology moves forward, its cheaper and easier to buy a decent gaming computer nowdays, so why would you play a java game, when you can easily play most of the games on the todays market with a computer for around only around 500 - 600$? I mean the essence of Runescape is that: It is a very easily accessable games, its quite relaxing and somewhat rewarding (do nothing and win - basicly), its not a very player skill based-game per-se (who doesn't like that? - however the problem is that people matured from that, and they demand more challengeing stuff with awesomegraphics to go with it. All in all - I think the three single main attractions towards kids and new gamers this decade is that, people are looking for either "mainstream" games such as; World of Warcraft, Leauge of Legends, etc. and they are also interested in the whole 'E-sport prestige' that is Lan tournaments aswell as the whole 'Streaming' thing (make $$$ while &%#¤¤# off afk) type of things. And lets face it, Runescape has NON of the forementioned attractive things, plus! it's got shitty graphics too.. so that's not very attractive to newcomers uh? I believe that there are quite a few people that are coming back (thx to Old-RS being re-introduced and the continously bot-sweeps!) - These are however likely to be nothing more than a few OLD-players that has come back to try it out once again or resume their RS career. (I myself has came back recently, but I am also playing more popular games too, and spend my time in Runescape when I have nothing to do in the other games). On the overall picture however, I think that there is a steady decline in the population of Runescape, it's not like on the glory days when there were ALOT of players around - but you must not forget that the times were different back then, than they are now. Times change, people move on - the gaming industry is a industry of ever constant change and Runescape will probably not in the end be able to keep up with the changes due to its limitations. Enjoy it while you can.
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will try them out.
  4. Hmmpff the thing is, I suck at bosses and other hard monsters because of my bad and unstable internet connection :/ are there really not any non-combat skills that are worth it?
  5. Hey I am wondering which are the best money making skills nowdays? (preferably gathering ones). I just came back from a long break and been doing nothing but Divination and its somewhat decent money/hour but its getting quite boring... I want to start making some money while working on my total XP. so what are the best skills to train nowdays that makes some serious money? (I'd like to point out that I am not a big fan of bossing or killing stuff, I just want XP and Money.) So if you could provide me with some tips and maybe xp/h and/or money/h from skilling, It would be greatly appreciated. My stats are in my sig.
  6. Another selling point to listed F2P games, are that they are "Competitive" in the sense of that they actually require real player skills. This in it self is a HUGE selling point, and the effect from this is also that the players themselves have the chance to go "pro", and when I say pro I mean actually "real pro" (that they can get sponsorships and make huge money from playing it.) Runescape does not have that. It is easy to see that Runescape is a declining game, it will not be able to compete with the constant amazing graphic releases from say Korea etc. or the competitive E-sport games from USA, Runescape due to its limitations; will most likely never become a real "PRO" game - it just doesn't have that attraction. As I see it, this has and still is is the key selling point of Runescape - that any idiot and their senile grandmas can play it and become what you would call good. Heck! If it wasn't for the 200 000 milion bots paying monthly subs, ít probably woulda been stuck in Runescape Classic for christsake. The gaming industry is a ever reforming industry. Computer gaming back in ~2000 is not the same as it is now. Sure you had games like Quake and Counter-Strike getting large crowds to the gaming scene, but now its grown into enormous proportions to what it was back then. In order to keep up with the snowball effect from E-sport games you would have to remake Runescape from scratch, and thus killing what Runescape really is. Nothing lasts forever.
  7. How can people be suprised that High Levels cheat.. are we playing the same game here or??? I know lots of people who cheat, who gives a crap.
  8. Don't worry, I am sure they will show up in the microtransaction! window sooner or later.
  9. *Note*: The guys who think this is cool, also thinks that 200M xp is an achievement, and runescape requires real skills to play. Haha. Solomon's Store, says; Hi.
  10. World 117 @ Daemonheim. kGO.
  11. I usually skip them, but if you're in need of cash, the drop rate on the 167's is I N S A N E. ..But the xp is not that great, If you're around maxed in combat you'll find it abit annoying having to wait for spawns every so often, not to mention the place is packed and camped with bots and what not.
  12. So there is definately something causing problems in the internet traffic... hmm..
  13. If it was a DDoS attack I don't think the workaround they provided would have done diddly. Doesn't this point to a different issue? Can't remember how it's referred to, all my (limited as it was) web knowledge flew out the window years ago. Isn't this what happens to all webpages that are getting hacked or DDOS'd? Just asking, I am a complete noob on this.
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