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  1. I'm quite certain Dark Lust is female.
  2. How much did the nerf to the dragon-related tasks decrease the xp/hour of Slayer?
  3. Congratulations to Alkan on 3b Overall XP :)
  4. Congratulations to Suomi on achieving 200m Hunter :)
  5. I must have misread that, sorry.
  6. In regards to that video : When using mousekeys you can double click using those as well, easier than using left and right click.
  7. Congratulations on 200m Herblore Experience Dragonseance :)
  8. With the release of the EoC, some Slayer tasks became unefficient to do, and other ones that were unefficient before became efficient. Do you still get enough charms for 200m Summoning from getting 200m Slayer?
  9. After you get a 99 in a skill, you can disable daily challenges from this certain skill. If one would happen to have all 99s, one could disable getting daily challenges in any skill but dung. This person would then get Dungeoneering challenges daily. You can also do this if you have 4 or less skills left to get 99 because you can't get a challenge in the same skill again when you already have one. I currently have 21 skills at 99. I disabled all skills but those non-99s. I currently have challenges in all of these skills which I haven't done and will never do. This leaves me with 4 permanent daily challenges and gets me the Dungeoneering challenge every day because I can't get a challenge again in the 4 skills I already have challenges in.
  10. Congratulations to Dragonseance for reaching 200m Constitution
  11. After i'm done with 200m Cooking I plan to do alot of Slayer aswell. Is Slayer a profit nowadays when powerslaying? On another note, congratulations on 50m Wc and Fm :)
  12. I never knew wines were that fast, had a much lower xp rate in mind. What an eyeopener ;)
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