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  1. 84 cooking. Now taking a break and woodcutting with a friend. Getting 20 dung, then going back to cooking.
  2. Eventually, but for now just getting 90. Then going to do Runespan or Fishing. also- 83 cooking.
  3. Thank you Low_Leveled. No stat updates today, just came by to say that I hate combat and I think the reason I lost interest inthe game about a month ago is because I forced myself to get combat stats up, so I'm not going to do that again. I'm just going to start getting up rc/cooking since I like those skills. Also, thanks to Perseus616 for donating me some money. I didn't take a picture of it, but I still know that I appreciate it.
  4. So I quit for about a month and a half because I just lost interest in the game, but now I'm playing again so I might as well come back to tip.it. Here's my stats as of now- I'm working on combat at the moment, just to get to a higher level before the Combat Rework is released to the live game.
  5. You should post your updates as a reply instead of just adding them to the OP. That way people don't have to keep scrolling up to see what you've accomplished.
  6. Going on vacation. Don't expect any updates for a couple weeks.
  7. THanks. And just finished Dragon Slayer: (wewt, rune plate)
  8. 50 Runecrafting done. Now I'm working for the quest points for Dragon Slayer. I want to get it done before the big combat update comes out. edit: I am flying through these quests/levels way faster than I thought I would be. Now going for combat stats.
  9. Achieved my 25 quest points goal yesterday. (Did Demon Slayer, Blood Pact, Gunnars Ground, Goblin Dipllomacy, and Pirate's Treasure). Now working on 50 Runecrafting, which is going really fast thanks to Runespan.
  10. Haha. Thanks for the compliment and screenshot suggestion, Med. ~ Just went out to eat with my dad, now I'm back and going to be getting quests done.
  11. Welcome to my progress blog!and my first post on tip.it : D Intro: My name is Manlyman/Luke. I'm 16 years old and live in the United States. I first started playing Runescape when one of my friends showed it to me in 5th grade(2006/2007), but I never really got into it. I played whenever he asked me to, and eventually, (eventually being a couple weeks), after he introduced me to the game, we both became bored with it. Last year I recovered my account out of boredom, but never did anything with it. And a few days ago I got the urge to play again. So I've been playing for a few days and remembered Tip.It, which I only ever used for the guides, and decided to join the forums. Now here I am, making this blog. My Runescape Information: Username: Manlyman608 Clan: None World: 34 Greatest Achievement: 80 Cooking Favorite Skills: Cooking and Firemaking Least Favorite Skills: Ranged and Mining Short-term Goals: 50 Prayer 90 Cooking 60 Runecrafting Long-Term Goals: All skills 70+ Media: [spoiler=July 3rd, 2012]Stats Quests: Bank: [spoiler=July 5th 2012] [spoiler=Quests Completed] [spoiler=July 3rd 2012] [spoiler=July 4th 2012] I'll be sure to update this everytime I reach a milestone!
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