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  1. Belated grats to skilz on his maxing total for f2p and to meda on 170mil total exp. Anyways here is my submission update.
  2. I'm surprised Jagex doesn't introduce another gambling feature to try to capitalize on it and make more money (other than sof). Any kind of gambling mechanism that requires people to pay real money is always a profit because you can rely on addictive personality people with lack of self of control to spend out of control. Jagex should just create in game "casinos" which do dice, flower game, seal, horse game etc all requiring in game payment in order to pour more money into jagex.
  3. I wish my team "Ravens" could get a better QB I don't like joe flacco. We still will probably make it to playoffs this year again. AFC North always has been the toughest conference :(
  4. EA is such an overrated clan, they are all full of insecure people who act like 13 year olds and they flame to compensate for their lack of skill. They drive good clanmates awaywith their silly drama and flaming
  5. Here is a more up to date of total level. Also I used the free 200 runecoins for breakdance (140 runecoints)+ master title (60 runecoins) . I'm still pure f2p. [/img]
  6. Hmm I saw I wasn't included on Active list. Still very much active. Anyways here is my submission:
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