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  1. Still too many games for me, I'll just keep my untrimmed =]
  2. I did this with my Tetsu helm - the top & legs were made Superior & then the default 'make' changed to 'Tradeable' & I didn't notice. My Bad Yeah this happened to me also, I just replaced my tradeable one with a superior one today :|
  3. No lol I thought I should just hide behind pillars, I beat him now though. I just ran all over the room shooting him him =D Took like 5 tries haha
  4. So I've put this off for a week, how the heck do you kill Kree? I get him down to like 25-50 percent health and he just wacks me with 2000's repeatedly until I drop. I can't out eat the damage he's doing :-| Is there a special way to deal with this?
  5. So I've upgraded everything and all I want now is scrolls and trade goods, anything I should do differently? Like stay on pincer or try to get more randoms for adventure rerolls?
  6. What's street price on tetsu armor? I have enough plate and just finished the body scroll
  7. So I was running to Varrock right after I finished tutorial, I got raped by Dark Wizards and lost everything I got from Tut Island :(
  8. I went to ganodermic beasts, they were all aggressive and their toxin things were hitting like 100'ish each time.
  9. My small bags were 17k and 18k and some cents I believe
  10. I used magic on sunfreet, hits over 1k atleast. I didn't hit over 500 with range. Finished all the desert tasks finally, mostly dominion tower stuff lol
  11. Got 11/20 pages now, are any of the special fights tough? That's all I have left after the pages. I shoulda done these before eoc lol
  12. So I had some time free today and did Dominion tower for about 2 hours. Did not get a single journal page -_- Still 3/20
  13. Ok this Dominion Tower thing is a [bleep].
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